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A Moment of Tiki (Episode 45: Tapa light build)

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Thanks Skip! That means a lot coming from you. Obviously, I picked up a lot of ideas by following your light build threads here on TC. And you are 100% correct--make that mistake once, it sticks with you, freeing up time for you to make all-new mistakes!

Littlegiles, ha ha! It's nothing so elaborate as you imagine. That's a window into the half-bath adjacent our tiki/pool area. Here's the porthole build-along I blogged. The 3D effect you see is accomplished by a vinyl window cling we ordered that covers the entire window (a translucent scene of dolphins under water) and a blue LED ripple/wave projector mounted inside the bathroom to shine on the porthole. It's close to impossible to see during the day, but is quite effective at night. I have that light, along with a lot of other lights in the tiki bar, tied together and controlled by a single switch inside. All the lights are LED, so the overall amperage is less than one traditional 100 watt incandescent bulb on that circuit.