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So I did watch that Spikes Breezeway Cocktail Hour and on the first one with the Coors beer we did not have Coors beer here in Ohio at that time I don't know if the Kahiki could have got it but don't think that they could.

And on the Guava, you need to think that was way back in the sixties and maybe Guava was the new hot juice drink at that time or they might have wanted to put Guava in that drink just so you would go "oooh Guava that sounds exotic" and buy one.

Who knows, I do remember that the drinks at the Kahiki for me were all booze, you closed your eyes and tried not to taste them, when Skip made them for us anyway, Jim tried to make a good drink.

I mostly got Bud so I could still walk at the end of the night and Barb got the drink in a pineapple so she could eat the pineapple.

One night a friend and I were trying to get through a big drink in a big bowl and we were trying not to stop drinking till we were done with it.

Well with only two sips from being done Skip the bartender came by and poured that bowl to overflowing, we should have been happy.

Late night the odd people and stripers (like off work to have a drink) would come in, somebody might have had other stuff people wanted, who knows.

One night a lady came in and wanted a no booze Mai Tai, Skip laughed and told me he gave her a glass of sweet and sour with Orgeat on the rocks with mint!

Ha! what a place!