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Post #805507 by TIKIGIKI on Sat, Sep 10, 2022 7:27 PM

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Very interesting! I really enjoyed the little book. Thanks for posting. Call me a purist but I lose interest in any so-called "Mai Tai" recipe no matter how "authentic" it claims to be that starts to list ANY fruit juices in the ingredients with the sole exception of lime. And that's REAL lime juice freshly squeezed from the citrus fruit itself. None of those sinister "Mai Tai Mixes", which should be banned forever along with those equally abysmal "Margarita Mixes"! And DEFINITELY no pineapple or orange, even if genuine.

The first recipe comes closest, although it really does NOT need the simple syrup at all. And I suspect the half lemon was just to expand the more expensive lime juice in areas where limes were dear. Use 100% lime.

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