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Tiki From Outrigger Apartments ( Rosemead/Pasadena) finally Erecting Soon but need Restoration help Please

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Aloha ALL!

It's been a long time since I've been here......was a long time lurker and collector since 98.

I will finally be erecting the Classic "OUTRIGGER Apartment TIKI" but want to do it properly!

Can Sven, Ben, Spike or anyone else here please help with any archive pictures of how it looked originally in the early 60s? It had been painted a few times over the decades but I want it back to it's original look! It was bolted to a pole out front of the Apt. I am planning on digging a 2 ft. hole to fill with cement and drop a pole in it to re-bolt the tiki to ( it is in 2 pieces.)

I got some info from Leroy and Bob some years back, but will have to find. They told me that it was carved by another guy that worked at OA for awhile back in the day. I am so excited to have this landmark Tiki and also excited about your guys input! There is so much I want to do in honoring this Amazing Tiki but more to come later!IMG_0628IMG_0630IMG_0632IMG_0634IMG_0635

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