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So would you say you did not like the way the concrete stain looked when applied Mike?

If not I want to add that fact to the best and worst things I did to my tiki space thread.

Also, liquid chlorine or liquid shock is really cheap even after this crazy price hike on everything at about $5.00 bucks a gallon, anyway it cleans concrete really well.

I just wet the area to be cleaned, then spray the liquid chlorine on that area and wait for about half hour or so if it is really hot keep area wet then use a broom to scrub area a bit, spray off area, and boom it's clean.

Now you just sealed your concrete so it might not work on new sealed stuff like yours but heck it looks good so no need.

BUT next time you will know.

Also all you people in areas that have the kind of rain and trees on your roofs of your home this is a great way to clean that mold and moss that is growing on your roof, it's out there go look. Even cleans that moss mold on your fences and side of the house it kills the moss but take care it will kill all green plants it they get too much on them.

So what that will do is the moss will grow roots into your shingles and then deteriorate your roof faster.

We do our roof every other year, but it needs it every year.