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Post #805800 by mike and marie on Wed, Sep 28, 2022 5:23 PM

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We know that carved piece very well, it was in the vestibule at the old TU with a nice plaque and info. I was looking for it here, didn't see it. I spotted Tikiskip lamps indeed, and many other lamps. But it was crowded beyond crowded, so even though it's a cozy place we didn't scour every square inch. It's a very, very cool place and the kind of bar you can disappear into for many hours. To speak in 2010s tiki parlance, the TIPSY factor is high. No stickers in the bathrooms. In fact, the bathrooms are what I would call "fancy," and we appreciate and approve. Not as laid out as the Mai-Kai bathrooms, but definitely in that vein, not a place for stickers or anything like that. The sink fixtures are similar to the ones in the Madonna Inn, which is really cool -- will have to make a short vid next time. There might be a place for stickers by the side door, I don't remember, but in all it's definitely not a place for ad-hoc customer additions. You guys will love it. The big Sheraton is like 500 feet away which means the place really lends itself to an Order of the Drooling Bastard type club. We'll definitely get more photos next time we're there!