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MadDog Mike's Platterful of Pupule - Dvarapala Mug

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Getting close!

This was my letting plan. Holes at the big red dots, EL wire on top of the solid lines and under the board for the dotted lines 314828762_905419357507735_2547631668480075049_n

I am using 3/8 vinyl tubing so I drilled all the holes 3/8. Cut a piece of tubing a few inches longer that I needed for each piece of a letter. Cut a V shaped notch about 3/4-1 inch from one end, measured and cut another notch at the other end and trimmed the tubing 3/4-1 inch past the notch. Sign 1

The EL wire comes up from the back, through the hole, through the tubing, and back through the hole to the back of the board Sign 2

Then the tubing and wire get tucked into the holes to the notches Sign 3

Next I drilled 2 little holes next to the tubing in a couple places to secure the tubing to the board Sign 4

I used 26 gauge floral wire to secure the tubing to the board. It's small enough that it doesn't really show Sign 5

Some of the letters finished Sign 6

This evening I will get a picture in the dark

Now to clean up the back. The EL wire in the back will light up too. If it creates a nice backlighting effect I'll distribute the excess wire around the back edges of the sign and secure it. If the backlighting is distracting I can cut off the extra and cover the EL wire between the letters. Sign 7