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Post #808010 by bamalamalu on Sat, Feb 18, 2023 2:07 PM

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Hmm. Apparently I didn't update after our trip last year, thought I did. Just returned from another visit, so will add a few newer pictures. The bar/restaurant area has been expanded a bit, with a larger covered area for sun/rain shelter. Fewer seats at the actual bar, as they've turned one side into staff service area.

Menu has changed a bit again; they still do a Painkiller, but no longer have the Ali'i Tai. They now have 4 "Mai Tai" options, mostly with fruit juices, but there is a Vic's style "O.G." with just lime juice (though noted as "Don's original" on the menu.) My favorite was the same as it was last year, the Navy Pog.

The overall experience is still highly dependent on the staff that day and our previous advice stands: Go When Tom Is Working. Sadly, as of now, that's only Friday day shift (open at Noon) and Saturday all day/night. The drink quality and service are exponentially better when he's taking care of you.

The first time we stopped by on this trip, they were closed due to "inclement weather," but we were told they were open inside in the lobby bar, same menu. Skip it and hold out for a day when outside is open. They don't have all the ingredients up there and your drink won't be the same, even if someone who's trying to make it correctly is there. I suspect they also only open inside due to staffing shortages or other issues - the weather had been notably clement all day when we stopped by and, as was noted during one of our other visits, "it's kind of a mess here."

Definitely worth a visit or 3, but do yourself a favor and time your visits for when Tom's there.
















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