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Post #808016 by bamalamalu on Sat, Feb 18, 2023 3:48 PM

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Update from early 2023

No major changes from last trip.

I do see that I failed to mention The Cabana at the Poipu Athletic Club last year - an unexpected spot to find a decent Mai Tai! The Cabana is open to the public, just walk past the pool. It's not what we'd make at home, but their Mai Tai is made with lime juice only and is rather refreshing (great after hiking the Maha'ulepu Heritage trail nearby.) Food is also surprisingly good.

Although we didn't get to try it ourselves, I'll also pass along a suggestion to check out the Mai Tai at Scorpacciata in Harbor Mall (Lihue.) This used to be a food truck we liked - their pizza is pretty good - but they moved into the mall last year, in the old Feral Pig location. Unfortunately they were closed they days we were there, but we met some knowledgeable folks from the Sacramento Ohana (Hi, Ned & Veronica!) who highly recommended it. Apparently they make their own fresh syrups, etc If their website had mentioned proper Mai Tais, we would have gone out of our way to be there on a day they were open. Hope they're still in business next time.

Hanalei Spirits - actual on-site tasting room is still held up in permits, but definitely contact them for a tour & tasting. Vindi is super friendly & accommodating (we were inside the distillery about 15 minutes after calling to ask about tasting availability!) You can also find their rums in several stores & restaurants around the island (I think we found the best price at Safeway, on sale, though Foodland also carries bottles.) https://hanaleispirits.com/ [email protected] (808) 346-2839

I posted a few updated pictures & notes for the usual suspects under their own threads in Locating Tiki. Quick tips -

Tahiti Nui - Keeps getting brighter & more open, which I don't like. The iconic carved Tiki bar stools are gone, which I hate. Mai Tai is the same as always - passion fruity, but go have one anyway with a properly cooked pizza. Check their hours before heading over - they vary wildly.

Tiki Iniki - Improved service from the horror of 2019. Again, ask them In Advance not to add soda water to your drink, and you'll hopefully be OK. Bartender we had this year & last made some good drinks, and without any hygiene offenses. I think the Navy Grog is the best - the Mai Tai is too sweet for me, but at least was uncarbonated and uninfected.

Mamahune's - Go When Tom Is Working. Space has been expanded, allowing more coverage from the sun and/or rain, but sit at the bar by Tom if possible (He currently works Friday Day & Saturday all day/night.)

Gaylord's Mahiko Lounge - still the same Koloa/lime/fresh cane juice Mai Tai. Not what we make at home, but still hits the spot.

Avalon Gastropub mentioned above - moved to Kilauea, not sure if they're actually open yet.

Coco Palms - tours have sadly been halted, at least for now, so we weren't able to do another walk through. Bob is working on being allowed to resume, so contact him to see if it's possible while you're there (may not be an option after March 31, 2023, based on previous information.) https://www.facebook.com/groups/98320760038 https://www.facebook.com/bobkauai.jasper http://www.cocopalmstour.biz/

That's all I can think of at the moment. Feel free to ask any questions...

Oh - they finally finished the house! HaenaHouse1

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