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Beyond Tiki, Bilge, and Test / Bilge / Should Tiki Central be "Politically Correct" ?

Post #808339 by leevigraham on Tue, Mar 14, 2023 3:55 AM

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When the heck did a thread about Electric cars start to fall under that political correctness guideline?

As I posted in my last post in that thread:

I'm locking this thread. TC isn't a place for politics or misinformation and this thread is starting to include both.

AND you made a whole new way that you could remove posts just for that thread

I added a way to hide posts across all threads, the content is still there if it needs to be reviewed in future.

So, if I post a bunch of non-PC stuff on a thread, you're going to lock that thread because of what I posted on some other guy's thread?

Maybe… but I'll probably first give you a warning, then hide your posts and possibly implement a temporary ban.

The most likely thing is you did not like any bad talk about Electric cars you wanted to kill that thread and that's how you did it.

There was lots of misinformation in the thread, manipulated photos and heavily politically charged content which breaks the forum rules. That thread provides no value in the context of a tiki forum and probably should be deleted.

The problem with rules these days is they are not applied fairly by the people that do the applications of the rules.

Rules are applied on a case by case basis. That's actually covered by rule 13.

There was a mug made here by a mug maker a few years ago that was totally political, and I said something about it and very quietly behind the scenes it was delt with I took my post down she took her post down it was over no locking of anything and that was ok by me.

Glad it was handled well.

BUT she was a tiki insider not one of the plebes here on TC.

Not sure who you're referring to as plebes but be aware name calling breaks rule 2 and trolling breaks rule 4.

I should get more respect than a no heads up locking of one of the reasons I come to TC anymore is the Electric cars thread and It was not all bad stuff said about those cars. I don't understand why people are so afraid of facts coming out if they are not true debunk them you did that on that thread leevigraham. I learned a lot from that thread so at least I got that.

Feel free to keep posting about electric cars on Facebook or other platforms.

FACT is tiki itself IS religious AND political they were religious idols in Hawaii long ago, plus some Hawaii people today don't want you putting them up as decor. AND political when they tried to link the tiki torch to tiki, plus when the missionaries went and took down burned their idols.

Agreed. This is where we do allow open discussion if it's polite as it pertains to tiki. If such discussions go off the rails and start breaking rules I'll hide them or lock them.

Too bad I kinda thought I liked you too.

Seems like I've hurt your feelings somehow. Apologies.

Heck Phineas Foggcutter gets more replies than my stuff does anyway.

Phineas does post some pretty cool adventures.

TC yer losing too many people and it's getting kinda bleak in here.

Feel free to start your own forum or move to another platform.