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Beyond Tiki, Bilge, and Test / Bilge / Should Tiki Central be "Politically Correct" ?

Post #808513 by TIKIGIKI on Fri, Mar 24, 2023 5:04 PM

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Well just my thoughts, but there are more diplomatic ways that don't besmirch the tone of the site. Perhaps a little less of the "it's my way or the highway"? (i.e shut up and toe my line or just fuck off!) Specially to a long time gentleman member who was not abusing anyone at all. Or perhaps any censoring (if necessary) COULD have been done in a PM and NOT in the public forum for everyone to see? So easy to just pull rank as it were. Hell, I'm only a newbie here but if that's the way long-timers are made to feel so unwanted that they then feel compelled to leave, then I too think it's a bit shabby.

Seriously now folks, anyone can see that this site is not exactly being swamped with dozens of new applicants, all eager to contribute to the wonderful world of Tiki, so maybe it can ill-afford to lose long-time contributors who just might hold a different viewpoint?

Most "members" here hardly ever post at all, not even bothering to leave appreciative comments on some of the fine work being shown....and in truth, TC is not always the most welcoming of places, as I'm sure you too will have now realised by apparently revealing your tacit support for such treatment.

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