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Post #808636 by kala60 on Thu, Mar 30, 2023 10:54 AM

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From above Post: "The pool coping, hot tub and waterfall was hand carved concrete."

An Architect/Artist (Rodrigo from Bogata. Now lives in Orlando. Does lots of Disney World work) and 2 men operating the concrete part. 1 guy mixing, the other guy hauling 5 gal buckets to the pool site. Plop the concrete down. Rodrigo shaped and hand carved with all kinds of hand tools. Trowels to Dental kits. No rock is a duplicate. The Grotto/waterfall was planned at 5'x'5'x5'. Rodrigo had something larger in-mind. His work was way better. Just perfect. Brought him back a month later to tie the lava around the house walls and add the Love Seat just off the Paradise Tiki, corner of the house. I didn't know concrete could feel comfortable. Rodrigo is an Artist.

My vision: Lava flow comes from a distant part of the Island, over the Bar Tops (red bubbles/acid cooper) to the Pool/Grotto (Blue Lagoon).

This whole project have been cursed with a perpetual procrastination. I have all the parts/pieces. Just need to walk out and get started. Oh, add all new "tropical" plants around/behind the Waterfall. This winter's 24 degree nights, along with 2 weeks of 90+ heat in February (this is Florida?) wacked almost everything. Glad I pruned all my Plumeria last fall. Lots of new growth inside a spare bedroom.

More soon/later.... never can tell when the Go-Mode Strikes.


Great to witness the revival of this Site. Long long Tiki!

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