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Post #81809 by Tangaroa on Fri, Mar 19, 2004 6:17 PM

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(UPDATED 8/18/05 - fixed dead links & added some more photos...)

Great aerial shots ZuluMagoo! I think I have that guidebook - but I don't remember that shot... Anyway - you've inspired me to upload some more pics...

The entrance - designed by Victor Gruen & Associates - had this awesome A frame...

This aerial shot shows what a nice mix of polynesian & modern Sea World originally was...

Here's a few more of the Dolphin Lagoon Show in the opening years - they had a polynesian theme, with thatched huts for the dolphins - but it was pretty sparse....

Later they added an erupting volcano & this fella....

The amazing Theatre Of The Sea building originally housed this show, hosted by an animatronic Charlie The Tuna. I wonder where those figures ended up? (There were 4 indentical rooms for the show.) It was torn out to build the Shipwreck Rapids ride a few years back.... Thanks Busch.

The strollers were even Shamu & dolphin themed... There used to be a little kiddie ride where the vehicles were made out of the same stroller body - anybody remember this? Or better yet, have any pictures?

UPDATE 8/18/2005: I posted this last year when I went through my Grandfather's old negatives.... Thanks Grandpa!

Lastly - here's a recent find my friend Dan Goodsell turned up - another shot of the Hawaiian Punch pavilion animatronics... I wish I had better photos - even, dare I wish for it - audio of the show?

Yes - I need serious help.

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