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Kahiki sightings?

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Has anyone in the Bay Area found Kahiki frozen foods at their local grocery store? I'd like to try them, but I haven't seen them at Safeway.

While this is not exactly an answer to your question, it may still be helpful. I grew up in Columbus (spent all of my major celebrations at the Kahiki -- the tropical storm side only, thank you). My father still lives in Columbus. He's been looking for the Kahiki frozen foods at his local grocery store but has not yet seen them. I think distribution is still rather small. But I have him looking into the matter.

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I have! Check out my review at http://www.tikimug.com


Does that mean you have found them at a Bay Area Safeway? Or were you just talking in general about sampling the food?

I've also been on a quest!


I live in Florida, and they have them at Publix supermarkets here. I copied a press release that mentions some other sources for buying Kahiki foods as well (see URL above)


I know that around the Ohio Valley (not that this helps you guys,) Kahiki eggrolls can be found at Kroger stores. But I have found them as far away as Myrtle Beach, SC and the Gulf Coast of Florida at Super WalMart and also at the Big K-Marts (that has the grocery sections).
You may be able to ask the Kahiki where you can find them in your area by visiting their website. Certainly they know who and where they distribute to in specific areas, or who they sell to, right?

The eggrolls are great! I've said it before and I'll say it again, we buy them religiously! But have stayed away from the frozen entrees because they just were not as good. I don't want to remember the Kahiki by eating stuff that just doesnt taste anything like what they had. You know?

Best of luck! If - no WHEN you find them, please post it here so others will know where to look for them.


they do sell Kahiki potstickers & eggrolls at safeway in the deli dept. They seem to run out quickly. Also Smart & Final has the large entree orange chicken (or something) in the frozen section.


I live in So Cal, and I have seen the eggrolls at Vons. Haven't tried them yet...


May the Monkey God shower many golden banana chips on you.


I recently moved from the San Francisco to South Carolina... and can you believe it? I NEVER saw Kahiki stuff in the grocery stores in SF, but I look on the shelves here and there they are! Who would've guessed South Carolina could be so hip?

-Jon Tiki

I recently found Kahiki's "General Tso's Chicken" at Sam's Club.... VERY good!

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