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the Tacky Techie Tiki Bar w/ 1st carving

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I finally got my site up. Here are some pics of my home bar, mugs and my first tiki i carved. There is beautiful model posing with my tiki. She's crying now. got2go


Thanks 4 looking

[ Edited by: Turbogod on 2002-09-04 20:23 ]

Sweet! I can't believe that was your first carving!

I see you have the home tiki bar that Krypton offers. Did you get it from them or elsewhere?


From Krypton. There is place in Baltimore that sells it.

for $1,000.00 more than Krypton. I decided to pay the 150 in shipping instead.


Your teeny wahine is adorable. Is that a tiki mug she's clutching? You're starting her early.


Tiki in the bathroom. Now THAT'S dedication !! :wink:


I really like the look of your bar, the lack of beachcomber/trader clutter* gives it a real streamline quality. The choice of the glass shelves to display the mugs makes for this nice juxtaposition between the primitive and modern. It seems like how a Tiki bar in Sweden in 1964 would have looked.

*Not a putdown on that style. I'm a big fan of the beachcomber/trader look, stuff crammed in every corner, things from all over the world.

GECKO posted on Thu, Sep 5, 2002 2:49 PM

Nice job on da Tiki, looks like mexican fan palm. Feels pretty good when your carving is finished huh. Congrats.


Wow, your tiki bar/room looks like a museum! Definitely a different look but still very nice.

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