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Trader Vic's Palo Alto: TONIGHT: 9/13

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I'll be at the Palo Alto Trader Vic's in the evening of this upcoming Friday the 13th, hanging out with the Tiki Freaks. They're running a contest for free Tiki Stuff, and the drawing is going to be there (I'll be drawing the winning entry).

So, sign up for free stuff and stop by the Palo Alto Trader Vic's if you're in the area!

Check out the Tiki Freaks announcement over in events:


[ Edited by: hanford_lemoore on 2002-09-13 14:55 ]

Bump! This is tonight! Come on by around 7:00 and have a drink!



some people i talked to are going to be fashionably late and show about an hour and a half later, so drink slowly and wait for us to join you!!


I wish I would have known some would be late :( I had to work late. blah.


I showed up at ten pm and a few were still drinkin'!


Hey mrsmiley I'm sorry we must have just missed you. I was looking forward to hanging out with you, but we left right about 10, as my wife had an early engagement the next morning.

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