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I found a use for the Tiki Spoon and Fork

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I found the ultimate doorhandles for my Hut. I took one of those oversize tiki utensils, cut the handle off, cut it in half, stained it, and screwed brackets on the back. Wala---cool doorhandles.

You can see it here

Anyone else do anything cool with these? Perhaps combining them for a giant tiki spork?
I'm thinking of making a tiki spear outta the fork.

Erich Troudt


Great Idea & what a good job. I have seen some cool door handles at OA.

Yeah..in fact I was originally going to buy the cool maori looking tiki handles they have. They have them hanging on the wall, but they are not available. The few they do have, are just flat and don't have the stem on the back for the handle.

I had to improvise.

Erich Troudt



Looks good. Trader Morts Liquor Store (on Shelter Island near Bali Hai) has door handles that look similar to yours.

I bought a set of the copper cast tiki handles at OA and you're right, they don't have a stem. I had to improvise with some copper tubing. Hey, improvisation is what America's all about, right?

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