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boobs in art

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I agree that shags chicks are flat chested. I will do my best to get some more ummmm well endowed women into tiki. In the mean time check out my website..



Really like the tiki hendrix


Great stuff! Let me know when you have prints for sale! Grey

That tiki with the moonlight is crazy!




AWESOME stuff !!!!! I want prints too !!! The tiki in the moonlight is the BEST!


The people have spoken. From now on, all the wahines in my paintings will be well endowed!

I used to go for a b or c cup (after all, one paints what one knows) but it seems very apparent that citizens demand big winnebagoes.

Duly noted.

From now on - all kanes and future tikis should be anatomically correct and well endowed, too!

Now, now, now...Tikifish - don't go increasing your bust sizes too soon.

Lets get one thing straight: as long as the chicks are topless, we really don't care what size they are - we're just glad their topless!

Loved the site Renick! Very cool.

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but is there something about a wahinie in purple pumps that just doesnt look right? Or do I just have a foot fetish?

And Cherry Capri, in another posting there is a new comic comming out with a 50's Hawaiian detective theme and from the looks of it, the big Hawaiian character is aynotomicly correct because they have his stuff blurred out on the web site. Of course, I don't know how many people reading a detective comic will care to see a big nude Hawaiian dude, but it may be a start in your suggestive direction.

Good topic! :roll:



I wonder if Renick can draw one of Cherry Capri? :lol: Grey


On 2002-09-07 00:52, tikifish wrote:

From now on, all the wahines in my paintings will be well endowed!

Duly noted.

Ah, If only life truly did imitate art!

Hey cherry gimme a couple days and I'll draw up a little something for ya...


I love it!!!
very nice work!!!




I think small but well shaped boobs are as sexy as the larger variety, especially at about age 40 (gravity plays a mean trick on boobery!).

Big or small, boobs always look better with nipple tassles. How about painting some of them, preferably in motion!

By the way, Russ Meyer always had the right idea. When his female stars started complaining that it was just boobs boobs boobs with him, he began including scenes where the men had enormous (rubber) schlongs. Got to be fair to both sexes.

Trader Woody

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