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The Relocation of Miss Frenchy

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Greetings all! Just a quick note that I am noving to San Francisco at the end of October, and I will FINALLY be able to attend Tiki Central events, so... clear a path to the Tahitian Lanai!

Welcome (soon) to California!
Congratulations on the upcoming move.

Good for you, Frenchy!!!
I know Maxton and Maggie are gonna miss you, but Marian and I will plan on a Tonga Room reunion with you when we finally get back to SF.


Ahhh, you're just in time! The job market here is great and houses are more affordable than ever! Plus, there's never any traffic and all the bridge tolls are FREE!!!

I've been in the bay area too long... Welcome, anyway :wink:

Quick, Before it's too late...A Portland mini-crawl. TikiMaxton said something about
mid September and out of Town Tiki Centralites coming through. And also The Polka guys are throwing an Octoberfest this Saturday. (See their site.) ????


I will be there on Sept. 19-23 and I was planning on visiting the Alibi, Jasmine Tree, and Castaway Cove. But we haven't set a date yet. I was going to check with tikimaxton and frenchy on that. I would imagine that Friday and Saturday get real crowded at the Alibi so I am inclined to visit there on a Thursday (the 19th.). But folks who have to work on Friday may not be able to go. Shall we make it Thursday or another day?

Arghhhhh!!! Unfortunately - I have to be down south on the weekend of the 19th. My schedule is really taking on a will of it's own. :( Pretty much, my last chance to have any fun before Oct. 1 is Sunday night, this weekend (Sep 15). Maxton or Mr. Tikibar? A get-together at Casa de Frenchy and an Alibi cruise?

Good luck on your move south Frenchy. May all your tiki crawls be non-mini. Can't get out Sunday. (I can talk the talk but can't crawl the crawl.)
Maybe this Thursday thing will work out.

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