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Tiki Karaoke (Karatiki?)

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Being a big fan of tiki (really?), and a fan of karaoke, wouldn't it make sense to put the 2 together? Has anyone ever found any karaoke discs that are remotely in the exotica camp?

Or am I totally behind the curve on this, and you SF people already have tiki karaoke parties every monday...

I can hear it now, Tikifish sings the hits of Yma Sumac, a special 12 disc set, get yours now from this special TV offer.


I have been looking for the same thing, as we have Karaoke down at the 821. So far nothing. Some good lounge type stuff (Sinatra, Tom jones, etc), but usually mixed in with crap. If you find any....


I have been planning something like this for years using my Hawaiian/exotic instrumental records and cd's from my vast collection. I get the lyrics from song books or the web.


I have a "Sing Along with Hawaii Calls" record by Webley Edwards. It has lyrics on the inside booklet. Another in the same vein I have is "Sing Along with Nelson Riddle". I cannot stomach the "Sing Along with Mitch Miller" records.

Pages: 1 4 replies