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Here's a little item from my brother-in-law in Portland about the Alibi and Don Ho:

You will be gratified to know we have now experienced both the Alibi
Lounge/resturant, and what's left of the fabulous Don Ho!! The alibi was
kind of fun. It is in pretty good shape on the inside - not much to look at
on the outside. It is not far from the sports arena in Portland and is easy
to get to. Don Ho seemed easy to get to as well and the women were still
screaming even though he looks like he might fall asleep in the sack. He
does not have "the voice" anymore although there were some vestages of old
glories. On the other hand, he may just be bored from singing the same
songs for thirty-forty years. One of his many daughters was with him and
she can carry a reasonable tune to. She did much of the music for the movie
Legally Blonde.

Good news regarding the exterior of Alibi - The owner tells me that he's planning on refurbishing it as soon as the light rail construction is finished on Interstate Ave. He plans to restore it to its former glory (though I doubt he'll retrofit the torches on the sign to real flames again).

Maxton: I already wrote Frenchy and told her my wife and I are going to be in Portland on May 29. If you can make it, we would love to meet you both at the Alibi that evening. Any other tiki-philes too, of course.

KaluaJeff -

May 29 sounds good to me! Keep us posted wrt your schedule. We look forward to meeting you!

Hey guys - while we're at it, how about asking whoever else happens to be in town to join us? I'm sure the Alibi can condense the riff-raff enough (to make enough room for our riff-raff, that is). :wink:

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