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Seems a fair few folks have tiki bars in their basements or elsewhere in their homes. I, for one, would like to see them. Why? Well, because I don't have one yet and it inspires me to see others. The techie tiki bar was pretty darn cool and I saw another one (humuhumu?) that was way hip.

So come on out and post pics (and links to those pictures) of your basement tiki bar.


Here are some pic's of the Fabulous Lagoon Room.
And over at Kona Kai they list several home bars (left column, halfway down)

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That is exactly what I am referring to! Or, in layman's terms...Dat's what I'm talkin' bout!

Way cool post, way ku ell tiki bar.

You know, I just bought a new house and it doesnt have a basement either.
I do, however have a big 743 Bobcat with a scoop. I could dig a big trench under my house and make it look like a cave. You know, give my Tiki Bar that Hawaiian Caverns look?

Actually, I think I'm just gonna have to ad onto the house a bit. Although I don't know if my neighbors will care for a big Polynesian hut looking structure sticking out of the back of my house.

I definately need a basement though.

Damn you lucky basement people, you!



The "Baxdog's Digs"
Thanks to AlnShely for the pics
It is in the main disc. area somewhere?

Have no brakes
Cannot stop
Mahalo to you

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These are party photos that show what things look like in our basement and backyard.


Here's The Humuhumu Room for those who haven't seen it yet. The walls are still a bit bare, but I have some more tikis on the way (should arrive any day now). Any Tiki Centralite is more than welcome to visit if you're in Seattle!


Here's TikiBong's bar
Here's BaxDog's bar

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I think we did this somewhere else in TC, but what the Heck...
Tiki Kings 821 club. Tell 'em Tiki King sent you.....


Behold the wonder that is
The HeadHunter Tiki Bar


How sweet a bar is that?! Tres chic, mon frere.

I would have to say the headhunter rates up there near the top.


That is one fantastic bar! Thanks for sharing.


The bar with postcards under glass is a killer idea. I can see one of those babies in my future!

I've posted these before I think, but here's a link to the Castaway Cove "Gilligan's Island Party" page, the best pics I'v got right now. :

Someday I'm gonna get some really good photos done, and do a real webpage. Someday...

Castaway Cove, from all the photos I've seen and from the tremendous response issued from your guests, has to be at the top of the Tiki Central home-bar hill. Few other bars or lounges are in this league.
However, it is definitely not a basement tikibar. You know you are in a basement when all the lamps, glass floats, and other hanging decorations are in corners or up against walls. I have to warn anyone, six foot and up or with a propensity to break into a pogo to watch for low hanging objects.
(A mere light bulb qualifies in a basement.)
You aren't in a basement. You're in a blimp hanger. Just what are the dimensions of that thing? You are Danny Balsz with webbed feet, Tikimaximum...Portland's prodigal son.

Sorry - I misunderstood the topic, thinking the request was for all home tiki bars, not just the basement type...

We planned on having a basement bar when we were house-hunting. Every place we looked at had to pass the test for having a basement big enough for a smallish tiki hangout. Then we found THE house, the one with not only a basement and a 2 car garage, but a 400 square foot outbuilding. When we saw the building, we looked at each other and immediately said "Tiki Bar!". Our realtor thought we were nuts.

Mr. Tikibar, I'm ashamed that I've not had you over to visit the Cove. I will remedy that situation as soon as possible, though we ordinarily avoid winter happy hours due to the difficulty in heating the place. Still, exceptions are being considered, and you will certainly be notified when that happens.

Just poking fun. The topic, I'm sure, encompasses all home tikibars, even those built in vacated warehouses. (Geez, our first house wasn't much bigger than 400 sq. feet.) Really, I am pretty happy with our
basement bar, square footage-wise. I do envy your high ceilings. Basements just have to go the cozy route.
We'll get together one of these days. Kitty and I were wondering if a Trader Vic 100th Bday party would be in order. Kind of a hectic time to schedule stuff.
One last Portland item. Were you aware that Gallery Bink on east 11th and Burnside sold Munktiki mugs. Their website says so but I never read the fine print until lately.

Oh, I didn't take offense, not to worry. I'm quite happy I got so lucky that I got my tiki bar [i]and[i] my basement...

A Protland TV birthday party would be GREAT! I was thinking about going to the bar at El Gaucho for a drink just to be nearer the source, but a gathering at one of our bars would be more in the spirit to be sure. Let's discuss this. What's the date again?

Nice looking bar! I really dig the size. You could tiki hunt for the next 20 years and not run out of room! We have a 2-story house with a slab foundation so our "basement" is actually the bottom floor. The Kon Tiki Paradise Room is in a front room connected to a guest suite with a bedroom, master bath, and hall. So if you get really rip-snorted there's no need to climb stairs...For those of us with a basement-A solution for the "ceiling flotsam" deficit: I lashed a large bamboo framework together with some fairly wide chinese bamboo-square with two center braces. Drilled holes straight through the diameter at the four corners and ran an eye-bolt through. Measure for four ceiling hooks or spreaders (you get the idea), hang and viola! Something to hang stuff on that doesn't destroy your ceiling with ten million staple holes. We have two war shields, a blowgun, some Honu's, shell sculptures, netting, and a genuine Duke Kahonamoku signature model uke up there...

Hi, I've been lurking for a while now, but I figured what they hey, since I published a few pics of my bar, I thought I'd actually sign up and post pics. I just bought my first house, so I made sure I at least had a small den for a modest bar. The room is only 10X10, but I have a feeling this thing will eventually take over the whole house if I let it :wink: The pics are a little old, I've added some more stuff since I've taken these.

Anyway, enough babbling go visit The Kapu Lounge Be patient it's a slow slow web server :)




Hey Steve-

Where do you live? Are you in Cali? Just curious, cause anywhere with a home tiki bar AND a MAME cabinet is the kind of place I want to hang out! (Geek alert! Geek alert!)

Looking good,


heh, thanks, but alas no I live right outside of Phoenix, of course my friends joke that where I live IS California. The MAME cab has proven to be a nice addition to the bar. I originally built that well before I got into tiki but I just don't have enough room to keep it seperate from the bar. I might re-finish it with bamboo matting or something at some point to make it fit in better.


On 2002-11-12 11:21, martiki6 wrote:
Hey Steve-

Where do you live? Are you in Cali? Just curious, cause anywhere with a home tiki bar AND a MAME cabinet is the kind of place I want to hang out! (Geek alert! Geek alert!)

Looking good,



Here are some updated shots of the former Pi-Yi Lanai now the Pi-Yi Grotto...

With the upcoming ceiling revitalization coming up, I thought I'd share some "before" pics!


Aloha from the enchanted Pi Yi Grotto in exotic Bel Air Maryland!

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very cool stuff.....we bought a house we close on next month, so we'll be movin our tiki basement to the tiki 3 season room.....ive never posted pics in the past, but i plan to once we get moved in , and re set up, the room is perfect for all that is tiki....i can hardly wait!!!

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