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Sex and the Tiki

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On last night's season finale of Sex and the City, Charlotte (the WASPy one) and her new beau Harry were at a pool party in the Hamptons where Harry was wearing a hawaiian shirt....

Charlotte: Ugh! Take off that tropical shirt! Don't you know they're out of style?

Harry: It's not tropical- it's tiki!

Charlotte: Well, tiki it off!

I was a little alarmed by a mention of tiki on SATC, since it's such a trend-setting/following show. The shirt had no tikis that I could see, by the way. But it seemed that tiki as a trend was both mentioned and dismissed within three lines of dialog. But Harry is a cool character, so right on.

Anyone else see this episode? Or does everyone else here reject modern television and just watch old Hawaiian Eye episodes? :)


Television is chewing gum for the brain.

I like Harry too. If only I could find a guy willing to get his back waxed for me...sigh.

I saw it and laughed. Tiki IS out of style. It has been out of style since Psychedelic Rock. It hasn't come back in, even now. Our appreciation of Tiki in contemporary terms is not something that has come into vogue, so her dismissle of Tiki was about right-on. Tiki keeps tempting to come back, but as Sven has said many times, it is too subtle to be quickly grasped by major media and Pop culture. It's comback is diffrent than it's original inception, anyway.

Man his back looked like shit! What in Tiki Gods name was he thinking in getting his back waxed? I caught the end of that show and did get to see the young hooters and the shirt. I looked but did not see any Tikis either.

Well, I for one, am very disappointed in this topic.

I mean, when I saw "Sex and the Tiki", I thought, "Hey, two of my favorite things!"

But as it turns out this is merely a plot to discuss male backhair.

I am disgusted!


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