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Tiki Ti closed again

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man I went by there a couple of weeks ago hoping to refresh myself with some tropical tastey treats to find the place closed again. A buddy of mine that lives in the area told me that the owners are off in Costa Rica for three months surfing.

thejab posted on Mon, Sep 9, 2002 5:01 PM

Weirduncletiki posted a message on 8/22 that they were on vacation until 9/11, at which time they will reopen. Could someone verify that this weekend? I may be in the area in mid October so I would like to know.

Those guys always take off on extended fishing trips and stuff like that. Best to call ahead before going. I've made the long haul down from the Valley and got snubbed myself once or twice.


I called their phone number and I got a recorded operator message saying the phone number no longer exists. Perhaps they had it disconnected for their extended vacation. Still, if anyone's in the area this weekend perhaps they could stop by and see if they have returned on the 11th. as weirdunc posted last month.

I have been lucky and always manage to find them open when I visit L.A. but I know people who had just the opposite happen.

I called Tiki ti tonite. They are open and are back from their trip.

Thank U, Drive Thru


Thanks to Mano Tiki Tia for checking on that. I am relieved as any trip to the Southland would be incomplete without a visit to the Tiki Ti!

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