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Tiki Tiki / Bamboo Lounge, Houston, TX (bar and grill)

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Name:Tiki Tiki / Bamboo Lounge
Type:bar and grill
Street:626 S. Highway 6

Tiki Tiki is located on Highway 6 near and south of I-10/Katy Freeway. Althought it will not open for 2 more days I walked in and talked to the owner. There is a large main open area with a wide bar, several tables and chairs and two pool tables and a few cut out niches with native art. Another bar area is in a seperate darker room about a 3rd of the size of the main area with two JAMIO posters nicely framed with dark bamboo on the walls. There is also an outside patio with appx. 3 large thatched tables. Decorations are still going up but at the time I saw them they were a little sparse incl. tiki cups, African and Polynesian masks and "Party City" tiki lights. They did have some good lounge tunes playing and was told they had a music library of 1200 tracks! Also have a very strong suspicion the drinks will be served in real tiki cups - bravo! And I was also told there will be an official Grand Opening in a couple of months.

Outside photos can be seen at my last post:

Max aka DJ Mexstacy

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We went last night and had a real good time. I bought 6 mugs and actually had a mixed drink or 3 (I usually don't drink). The food was good and the service was great. It was not crowded at all and that kinda surprised me for a Friday night. The folks that were there were a mix of early 20's to mid/late 40's and it was all laid back. It takes 40 mins to a hour for me to get there so I can't make it my headquarters but it is a good outpost to visit.

Well the day after the unofficial grand opening I went there 3 days in a row and I heard a couple had shown up a few night in a row too so they are already getting a small following.

I also re-did their menus for free. They were so happy I got some free drinks two night in a row.


Can you post the menus? I love menus -- tiki ones particularly.


I went there last Thursday during a visit from Dallas. The food was very good and they do serve tiki drinks in ceramic mugs. Music was electronic but did have Tipsy in the mix. Looks great outdoors (Oceanic Arts carved door handles!) but was somewhat disappointing inside. Maybe the big room can keep them afloat and they can put more money in the Bamboo Lounge. Best public tiki bar in Texas by far. Does anyone know who owns this place?

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RE: Satan's Sin
Can you post the menus? I love menus -- tiki ones particularly.

Here you go Satan's Sin. I printed them on brown kraft paper but here is the original art and finished menu in a sleeve.


RE: hazmania
Does anyone know who owns this place?

Well there are a couple of investors. Atleast one owns or manages Davenports on W. Alabama. A nice retro lounge that serves mainly martinis.

I am gonna check this hut out sometime on the weekend ..........cuzzzzzzzzzz ...I live north of town.

How are the native gals there.....??


Time to change the status from "Operational" to "Closed forever."

Cursed by very very bad location (way out the highway with the worst traffic in town), the Tiki Tiki has closed its doors permanently. Adding to the accessibility issue was the music factor for me; on weekends they had live bar-band bands, attempting to cater to the beyond-the-'burbs area in which they were located. One suspects that they sold Bud Lite over all tiki drinks combined 50, no, 100-1. I do not fault their trying to stay open by any means possible, but the crappy weekend music made me not very willing to get out there on the evenings when I could actually reach the dang place.

but, rats all the same.

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