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Papaya Thai Tiki Bar, South Norwalk, CT (restaurant)

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RemyC posted on Sun, Sep 5, 2004 5:02 AM

Name:Papaya Thai Tiki Bar
Street:24 Marshall Street
City:South Norwalk

Brand new Asian BBQ restaurant amazing with Tiki decor. The full scale bar is only open during restaurant hours. But soon bar will stay open after kitchen closes for real Tiki Bar atmosphere. Connecticut liquor curfew hours are 1AM during the week and 2AM on weekends. This is the first Tiki Bar to open in South Western Connecticut for a long time. Please visit the website to see photos: http://www.papayathai.com Tell all your Connecticut friends about Papaya Thai.

I might have to gove it a try, but I hope they have more drinks than htey show on the Tiki Bar menu- not a real tiki drink in the bunch.

Sorry to necromance this thread, but i travel to southern CT quite often and was intrigued by this place. Looking at their website, there is a sister restaurant called "Tombo" which is a Hibachi and sushi restaurant. However, looking further it states they too have a Tiki Lounge and their drink menu is pretty full. I may have to explore this place next time I'm down there.

Also, doing more research in the Southern CT area, I've found a place in New Haven. It goes by the name of Hula Hanks. They call themselves a tiki bar and "island themed bar" however, there's not one tiki drink on the menu. Only margaritas and caribbean-themed beverages. Thought I'd throw that place out there in case anyone is in New Haven, CT and feels like exploring this place.

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