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I've been trying my hand at lino printing lately & thought I'd share my rudimentary results w/ y'all. I'm working on a couple more prints that ought to be a little more rockin' than these, but here's what I've done so far:

Please try to overlook the poor quality of the photos & PLEASE remember that I'm way new to this lino printing thing!

Tiki Chris

[ Edited by: Tiki Chris on 2002-09-16 16:07 ]

Hey, I know that bottom one! (It's on my wall - Thanks Chris!!)

Great stuff...keep them coming.
It's amazing how Tiki can bring out the creativity in people.

Trader Woody


I like the strong, simple image of the first/second one. It'd look good printed on one piece of paper in a grouping of 6 or 9 (the last image must be the same Tiki face when he's drunk). The goofy face on the third/fourth Tiki (or is it an Otter Pop?) makes me smile when I look at it.

if you find the cost of lino to much, use MDF board (anything over 5mm is good) its a lot cheaper if you want to do big sizes and you get two sides to work on. small carving gouges are the best too carve it with.


very cool Tiki Chris!! about how big are those blocks? that second one is just so darned friendly...makes me happy just to look at him!

puts my little eraser carvings to shame!!

hm... perhaps its time to set up a Tiki Mail Art Call..

Ah shucks fellers! THANKS!

atomictonytiki: I appreciate the tips. Is MDF board as pliant as linolium? I really like the feel of carving into linolium!

dogbytes: the silly lookin' tiki is 6 inches x 6 inches - the tiki head is 12x12. I'm not sure if these works would be good for mail art, but I'm down w/ the idea!

Tiki Chris

cutting lino is like cutting hard butter, MDF is like crunchy tiny layers.
I love lino cutting but its expensive, if you make a mistake its really annoying to start again esecially if its a BIG design, MDF gives you the freedom to experiment coz of its low cost.
MDF gives you the feeling of wood cutting but the smooth printing surface of lino, give it a try, compare the two.

If your getting into cut printing try and find "Passionate Journey" by Frans Masereel a woodcut novel from 1919, it ain't tiki but it one of my fravorite novel.

here's another one that i've done:

i call it (thanks to my wife's inspiration) FORLORN TIKI.

i made around 7 prints of FORLORN TIKI. if anyone's interested in paying for the postage or trading for another work of art, i will be glad to send a couple (2 or 3?) out. a few are on rice paper; a few are on bamboo paper; & some are better quality prints than others.

you can email me at

[email protected]

i may also put one or 2 prints up for auction (way cheap!) on ebay just to see what happens.

oh, & next time i post a message like this one, i'll put it in the "collecting tiki" forum - i hope no one's too bothered by me placing it here.

tiki chris

[ Edited by: Tiki Chris on 2002-09-16 16:08 ]

question about images:

i upload my pics to photos.yahoo.com to find they disappear form tiki central when i 'post' them here.

is there a way to avoid this? does anyone have a recommendation for another site where i can upload digital photos?


Yahoo shuffles the "address" of their photos.
You can always find your pics on a specific Yahoo Site, but, if you link them the web address eventually changes. I use "Shutterfly" (shutterfly.com). It is free and I've had no problems. TC's own Mig works there, so you know it's good.

thanks al! i just joined shutterfly.


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