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tiki blessing anyone?

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Does anybody know of someone in the Longbeach area that does house/tiki blessings? I have this really nice old gentleman(70+) that I carved a 5ft stack tiki for and he wants a blessing ceremony. He is also looking for a hawaiian made ukelele. Thanks for any help.

Aloha...Order your ukulele from a store called Bounty Music on Maui at either ukes.com or bountymusic.com....great selection,though I favor Kamaka ukuleles as the best...good luck Grey

Here is the answer BigBroTiki offered when I asked the same question....

On 2002-07-15 10:24, bigbrotiki wrote:
I simply invented a ceremony for the blessing of my Easter Island Tiki that was carved by Leroy (http://bookoftiki.com/010.html).

I christened him Big Daddy Olu (Olu = cool) and from a Hawaiian dictionairy made up an incantation that roughly translated into "To be uncool is to be the coolest" (this was 1993). Than I had friends lay down tropical fruits as an offering by his feet, and, dressed in the appropriate garb, poured flaming 151 rum into his mouth from a Tiki bowl.
The amazing thing was that briefly the flame ran out of the side of his mouth, but for 30 seconds or longer a small blue flame was flickering out between his lips. It was as if the spirit had enterd him..

I'm finally back after a long weekend. The fight, talking about rumba, son, puros and mozambique congeros. Thanks for the tips fellas, I'll pass on the info.

Pages: 1 3 replies