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Tiki cookie cutters

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Anybody know where I can get my hands on a tiki cookie cutter? I tried "Cookin' Stuff", a big store near my house that carries about 1,000 different cutters, but they (not surprisingly) had no idea what I was looking for. Anybody know of a good cooking supply place online? Or would someone be willing to make one for me? I was thinking that something like a 3"x2"x1" deep "moai-head-in-profile" would probably work the best for what I need.

http://www.kitchengifts.com/ is the largest cookie cutter site (no tikis though)~ but the best dog cutters (accurate to each breed!) ~their online tutorial and recipies are awesome!

i think tikifish has some cookies and cupcakes posted on her site..she did them freehand..

http://www.alohafriends.com/HIcookiecutter.html has hawaiian themes, but alas no tiki.

custom cookie cutters would be expensive (just google for that..)..

not sure how involved you want to get in making these cookies or how many you want to make (i'm presuming for your class..).. but.. you could always:
** take a tin cutter and bend it into the shape you want. they are really flexible,
** make a pattern from cardboard, and cut around the dough
** bake and frost cookies, then use food color and a rubber stamp, and stamp them.
**bake and frost cookies and use food color felt pens (or color raw dough..then bake)

sounds like a fun project! take pictures for us!


I think taking an old tin cutter and bending it into shape is a great idea. As soon as I saw you asking about cookie cutters I thought 'Moai in Profile!'. I guess that is the obvious design.... but probably the easiest to do.


For my grandson Gage's Tiki birthday party last month we just made rectangle shaped cookies and rice krispy treats and had the kids decorate them up tiki. I made several samples with designs for them to go by. They turned out great and the kids had a great time. Most shaped cookies look like blobs anyway.



Thanks all for the cookie ideas - I'll definitely try out a few with my class; they may turn out better than what I've been trying. I've tried bending a pre-made cutter into a moai a couple of times now, but I'm seriously artistically impaired, and could only come up with a freakish Frankenstein-head looking thing: unattractive and definitely not recongnizable as a moai! (and, of course, now my class has switched their 'favorite' to the PNG/Sepic River tiki from the Harvey's mug - I'm not even going to TRY that one...)

However, my original 'need' for a tiki cookie cutter is a little more, uh... 'alcohol' oriented, and if you're at Al 'n Shelley's on Saturday, you'll see what I mean...

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