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Tiki-O -Lanterns

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I know we've got a little time yet,...but I'm getting anxious to start carving a pumpkin and having a Fall Tiki Bash with Tiki-O-Lanterns all around...Do any of you esteemed Centralites and Socialites have pics of yours..have you tried doing these? Any advice or no-no's that you can think of? Mahalo, Grey

I have tiki-o-lantern templates on my website, tikifish.com - I made a tiki jack-o-lantern last year but I dont have any pictures of it handy.

I am still trying to figure out my halloween costume for this year...

Have fun making the pumpkins!!!

The templates are great !!!

Tiki Central's cofounder Daisymay (no longer an active member) once did the opposite: Made a Jack-o-lantern out of a pineapple.

There may be pics of it on the Yahoo group.


I used those jack o lantern carving tools they sell, along with x-acto knives and whatever else was around. I just tried to carve it like a tiki. You know, multi-layered and also try to remove the orange skin and leave a thin wall of white flesh there so that it will be translucent.

Okay, now...Any ideas on how to rig a Tiki-o-lantern up to a tiki torch? Grey

Funny you should ask about the Tiki o'Lantern torch! I just finished a trial model, and decided to document my results. Here's how I did it:

Make your own Tiki o'Lantern Torch!



That's SWEET!!! I'm truly psyched for Tiki-Ween now! Or is it HalloTiki?


Excellent job Terry! Thanks for sharing the step by step. I can see a whole row of tiki-o-lanterns in front of the house now.


that was awesome the step by step was perfect.
You did Shecky a good turn.
Do you think that if you had other holes in the top that the flame light would bounce down inside to help light up the features?

Trustar E-mail me

Hell, I'm impressed...well thought out....I'll give all due credit to you when the neighbors...(or the cops)...come around to my ALL HALLOW-TIKIS EVE BASH...!Many Mahalos! Grey


um... a quick note.... be sure to remove and discard the Tiki o'lanterns from your torches shortly after their intended use....
do NOT let it sit on the torch for a week in a hot garage..... yuck....!


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