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Radical Reptile, Hobby City (Anaheim), (store)

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Name:Radical Reptile
Street:Beach Blvd.
City:Hobby City (Anaheim)

This reptile store is located at Hobby City in Anaheim, CA. I remembered this place as a kid (I think it was a jewlery store) with the Tikis out front and decided to stop by to see if they were still there. Blammo! There they were. The Tikis are about 6' tall. I went inside and there are no other tikis on the premises. These Tikis must be at least 30 years old. They are painted and are actualy realy cool. Maybe some of my O.C. brethren will have some more info....?

A store where you can stock up on tarantulas and "reptile parties?" AND look at tikis? Wow. You people in Anaheim have it made in the shade.

They look like the work of Milan Guanko to me.

I remember that place! It was where rock-hounds could get accoutrements to make jewelery. My mom would go there and get stuff to make cowboy bolo's for christmas gift's...howdy howdy howdy.

great sleuthing, thanks for the post!


I was pretty sure it was a jewelry store, thanks for confirming Gigantalope! I used to ride my bike there as a tot, I hope my mom doesn't see this, she'd tan my hide!

The first time I saw this place, it was a Luau supply type store, that was back in the early 90’s, the next time I went back it was a shell shop.
Those are most certainly Milan Guankos (tikijackalope you know your carvers)
and I have a few pictures (someplace) before they had the extra paint.


I had my kid's birthday party there just so I could stand outside and stare at the glorious TIKIS.(Bosko posts on TIKI CENTRAL?...I knew this was a classy joint.)

There used to be (early 90's?) store near it in Hobby City that sold only cake decorating accessories. They had a huge assortment of miniatures for cakes and that was the only place that I could find tiki items for cakes, mini tikis, palm trees, seashells, hibiscus candy forming trays, etc.

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