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Missed a buncha messages

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Due to my sporadic email access (I'm at the public library just now), my TC emails piled up to the point of overflowing my mailbox, so I was forced to delete all (860!) of them without reading them. If you've posted anything that needed a response from me (or if you need to reach me for any reason), please send to [email protected], and DON'T put "tiki" in the subject line or it'll get filtered to a box that I'm not able to read as often as I'd like. The library only gives me an hour per day, and I use much of that time looking for work. Pathetic, I know, but we do what we must in these dark times. With luck I'll have a modem on my old PowerMac before too long and this will no longer be an issue.


Hiya Maxton!

Well this explains a lot. Sheese, I thought you were ignoring me, what I do....what I do?!?

Torches, 2 smaller ones, burnt. Send me an email [email protected]


Hey TikiMaxton,

I disabled your Mail message delivery, so it shouldn't be filling up anymore. when you get a more stable connection, just turn it on again!


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