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Hukilau 2004 Pics

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I posted some pics yesterday and half of them did not come out and I was just too tired to figure out the problem. So, I will try again.

First of all, A BIG THANKS to Swanky and Tiki Kiliki and everyone else for throwing such a fantastic Hukilau 2004.

Thursday cruise aboard Tiki Beach
(Picture on the dark side --- the boat was awesome!)

I Belli D Waikiki Band

Billy Mure

Pablus, Marian, Neptune Tiki & Wahine, Captain Kailuageoff

Luau: Arrival of the VIP guest

Billy Mure leading the way . . .

Neptune Tiki, Crazy Al, Pablus

Keigs, Heather, Neptune Tiki and Wahine

I Belli D Waikiki

Some of the Floridians

After the luau - Tiki Drink Mixologist Pablus at work

View from the 14th floor of the Bahia Mar before evacuating


[ Edited by: NeptuneTiki on 2004-09-26 07:11 ]


Neptune mahalo for posting some of your pictures they look great, I am sorry I did not get a chance to meet and chat with you and your wahine, there was so many people there at the after party party, one minute it was packed and the next I looked it was like 4am and there was only a small group and I missed out on talking to you and some others. NEXT YEAR! :)


Thanks for the glimpse of Hukilau...it's nice to know alot of folks had a good time despite the weather. I just hope everyone stays safe and dry.



Neptune Tiki,

I left on Sat also and stopped in Jacksonville to visit with a friend of mine that I went to school with. She took me to Roy's - what a great polynesian experience.

Glad I got to meet you and the Wahine and thanks for the pictures.

Oh, I ment to tell your wife that she reminds me of Belinda Carlisle. Has anyone ever told her that?


Tiki Bob


[ Edited by: tiki-toa on 2004-10-10 07:56 ]

Pics forthcoming...


Great pix guys- keep em' coming. I'm waiting for Walgreens. Stupid old fashioned camera!

Great pic's Toa, thanks for reminding me what it was like.

Thanks for sharing the pic's Toa!! I had a blast. It was really cool to meet you and your wife. See you at the next big Tiki bash I hope.

Tiki- Toa: Great pics! It looks like we had some duplicates! We'll definitely meet next time. Tiki photographers unite!

Tiki Bob: Next time you stop in Jax let us know! We live in Neptune Beach --- about a mile from Roy's. We love that place! YUMMY! Did you have the volcano for dessert?

No, I haven't heard that my wife looks like Belinda Carlisle before. Others, but not her. One of the best, was one Halloween and she was dressed as Carmen Miranda with a brown wig and someone thought she looked like Geena Davis. Well, you know what they say.... all blondes look alike!

Flounder: I will post some pics just for you tomorrow!


What an incredible f*** time !!! Hurricane and many Hurricanes later, we are back in SF, already reminisicing about all the cool ohana we met. It was great seeing the pics, esp Pablus mixing his little drink...
Pablus, you ROCK baby !!!
Tiki Kilili and Swanky, a huge MAHALO !!
..till we meet again, everybody

Great pics! Great times!

Highlight for me was the voodoo dance on the dinner cruise. Crazy Al tore it up.


On 2004-09-27 17:12, NeptuneTiki wrote:
Tiki- Toa: Great pics! It looks like we had some duplicates! We'll definitely meet next time. Tiki photographers unite!

Actually Neptune those are your pictures, I hope you do not mind, they were so nice that I wanted to save them but when I uploaded mine to shutterfly they got included. I hope that is ok, I apologize otherwise.

Here we go...shutterfly album and one more still to go... http://www.shutterfly.com/share/pictures.jsp?aid=67b0de21b231d3d755a2


BK I keep trying to access you gallery and when I do it takes me to a login prompt, is that right or am I doing something wrong.


Well Hukilau 2004 will be a trip I will never forget. Even with all the hassle of the hurricane I still had a great time. The people I met were all GREAT!

I was in denial about the evacuation till 9am Saturday morning. We spent $65 riding around in a taxi looking for a hotel with rooms, before cutting our losses and heading to a shelter. There was no way we could hang in there. We decided to rent a car and either drive to an open airport or right to the Mai-Kai. Both my buddy Kris’ wife and my wife were pretty angry and thought we were out of our minds for going to the Mai-Kai. I couldn’t have ended my Hukilau any other way! We left shortly after we finished dinner, because we figured we would just drive from there to Key West until we found a hotel with rooms. We found a room at a Super 8 only a few miles from the Mai Kai right on Rt.1. Guess the Tiki Gods were on our side after all.

Here is a link to some of my pictures from the trip:

Rick’s Pics

[ Edited by: TikiGoon on 2004-09-27 20:45 ]


By the way here's my pics from this weekend



Oops...I'll get 'er fixed...what adress did you enter to share pics with TC, TikiToa?

If anyone took any pics of The Vodkanauts performing, we'd dearly love to see 'em - thanks in advance! :)


On 2004-09-28 08:10, Basement Kahuna wrote:
Oops...I'll get 'er fixed...what adress did you enter to share pics with TC, TikiToa?

BK sent you directions in a PM

Here are some of the pics...The Mai Kai pics I will post shortly..I believe you can right click on the pic properties to get the captions. Anyway I will do more as I have time...the pre-storm view from the hotel Thursday...amazing

[ Edited by: Basement Kahuna on 2004-09-28 10:54 ]

BK - I've got an old postcard of that A-frame house with the Moai on the intercoastal waterway. I'll try to post it soon. I think it was called the Doctor Winslow house.



[ Edited by: TNTiki on 2004-11-06 18:06 ]

BK - I've got on old postcard of you in bed with four wahines. I'll sell it to you. (ya know wat I mean? nudge nudge). I think it's called "Position 19: The Doctor Winslow".


I'm still recovering from Hukilau and the Hurricane. When it stops raining, I'll go up and replace the rest of the shingles that weren't replaced after the first hurricane. Right now, I'm drinking large quantities of rum and honey with lime juice to try to kill whatever it is that seems to be trying to knock me down. It tastes rotten, but after about five of them, I stop caring.

Hope this works ... I have a few more pics that are out getting developed (yes ... developed ... don't ask), and I'll scan and post them when they come back. In the meantime, here is my first attempt at posting something thru shutterfly. This is just from the Tiki Beach cruise. Thanks to all my fellow TC'ers for an incredible time!

Cyber's Pics, Tiki Beach Cruise:


*On 2004-09-28 12:41, TNTiki wrote:*BK, are you in bed with four wahine? Way to go dude.
Five, thankyouverymuch... (across the legs, hand clutching BK's manbreast)


We so could've fit more people onto that bed. There's always next year. :wink:

I know this isn't a Hukilau-specific post, but I'm a rule breaker! It was great meeting all of you at the event. I was the guy with the MosaicMoai tattoo and my wife hurt her back on Friday, so we missed most of the event. I did get to meet some great people on the boat ride and we were able to make it to the Mai Kai show. Depsite the hurricane and my wife's injury we had a great time and will go again next year. This is a photo from my annual Mardi Gras Crawfish Boil. This is one of the first Moai chiminea's that Tim made. Don't do this at home (unless you're drunk and full of crawfish).

That's me near the fire and my pal Tim with the Emo's jacket.


Larry "MosaciMoai"

[ Edited by: MosaicMoai on 2004-09-28 18:03 ]


Wow! What a time!
Super huge thanks to Kiliki and the Swank for pullin' it off!

It was great to meet all you crazy tiki-centralites. I was inspired to join in on the fun!

Here's a few of my shots from the weekend...


gonna get some video up soon...

On 2004-09-28 18:57, TNTiki wrote:

I saw your tatoo in Tiki Toa's pictures. I think it is great. From what I hear from Toa you are pretty protective of its origin. Not that I am interested in a tatoo, but I think it would make a great pool bottom. Can you share with me where you got the idea?

Here's the deal about tattoos: You know the one's on the wall when you walk in? People actually get those. I don't have any of those and would like to be the only one with this particular (over a year in the making) tattoo. That's why I don't want it in a book (or even really online).

That being said, I got the idea from a mosaic wall hanging of Easter Island I saw back in 1991 in New Orleans. It was $400 and I really wanted it, but couldn't afford it. Then it was gone....

When the Book of Tiki came out, I was surpised to find my wall hanging in the book! Then I decided that I needed a tattoo of this piece (which I changed around a bit) so that I could have it forever. Funny thing is, it cost more to get the tattoo than the original wall hanging! Oh well...



[ Edited by: DawnTiki on 2004-09-28 21:14 ]

Here are 17 of my of my favorite pictures from the past weekend ....

It was hard to describe the feeling when I looked and saw in the distance this tiki ship/barge/portable island arriving....

I was watching closely as it maneuvered closer to the dock -- and then heard a steady cracking sound of wood splintering, as one of the pillars for the dock was torn away. An omen of the upcoming hurricane? (Those posts in the picture are suppose to be vertical).....

Billy Mure and myself....

Billy and Debbie dancing up a storm, pre-storm.....

King Kukulele, all framed up....

Mr and Mrs Cybertiki....

and their daughter, Christina, on stage at the Mai Kai with King Kukulele.....

a Mai kai fire dancer...

with the Mai Kai audience enthralled ...

Preparing some ice cream flambe....

Myself, enjoying a flaming Kona coffee grog....

Me again, in the Mysterious Mai Kai Gardens, hanging onto two pillars. I have no idea of what the white floating ball is in front of me ... some ghostly figure that appeared only on film....

Mr and Mrs Surburban Hipster .....

James, Formikahini, and Bamboo Ben....

No king sized bed, no mirrors on the ceiling, but I am still a very happy man...

A few of us who were at the Mai Kai Sunday evening .....

and my final drink of that evening - and some good reasons to return again some day....



[ Edited by: TNTiki on 2004-11-06 18:07 ]


[ Edited by: TNTiki on 2004-11-06 18:07 ]

Hey Vern,

Cool shot of the Tiki Beach! Can you email me a larger version of it. All the pictures I have of it don't show that it is a free floating boat. I remember talking with you on the boat, but didn't relize you were from the D.C. area. Here is a pic of me so you can put a face with the name.


Three cheers for the Suburban Hipsters for sleeping in a shelter on concrete after Hukilau! Man, that sucks.

I am alive and recovering now. Hukilau has been like being a war refugee. It was f&^$ing awesome to see home! I may never go to Florida again! I hope there was fun had. I have no idea. It's all a blur of a nightmare to me.

Swanky, we had such a fantastic time.

I think you need to read this thread:

[ Edited by: Tikiwahine on 2004-09-29 17:01 ]

On 2004-09-29 16:38, Swanky wrote:
Three cheers for the Suburban Hipsters for sleeping in a shelter on concrete after Hukilau! Man, that sucks.

Not to be confused with the Suburban Hipsters of Rockville Maryland.

Hukilau has been like being a war refugee. It was f&^$ing awesome to see home!

I felt the same way as we headed our way home... always trying to stay ahead of Jeanne...

I also felt I and we were robbed... not your fault, the hurricane's fault. It was too short of a party and had I known better what to do I would have stayed in town for Saturday night. I really didn't know my options and regret getting out of the state so quick. I am very dissappointed that I missed the Mai Kai. But I had a great time at what did happen and hope to return again next year! The rest of my trip was ruined also... I didn't get to stay with my friend in Melbourne and surf for three days like I wanted to for the last year...

Damn the weather...

Hukilau was a real gasser.
My Wahine (recently dubbed "Kava Queen") & I wrung every micron of fun out of every minute spent amongst the beautiful people of Tikidom! Well, except for the scaredy-cat time spent deciding whether to bug out or not...
Yeah, it sucked leaving a day early; but one nice side effect was being so relieved over not being killed as to negate the usual post-Hukilau depression effect!
Thanks to Swanky & Kiliki for staging another fantastic event! Hope you're both doing well at the Betty Ford Center. :D

It was definitely an exciting honeymoon for us! We'll have a great story to tell the kids.

The warmth and kindness of the tiki ohana has really stuck in my mind. Next year I'm bringing a bigger suitcase so I can bring home more stuff!

DrunkenMunky just informaed me that we NEED a pole to be the corner post of our Huki Lounge. Keigs? You're in Washington, right? I know Lonnie & Ginger were talking about coming to visit you, we may come down as well, with a van. :)


this is a mid century motel that fell victim to the weather.

This little girl is going to be completely famous one day.

This dance was a high point of the weekend.

And this dance wasn't bad either!

[ Edited by: tikibars on 2004-10-19 22:18 ]


Can someone please post a clear close up photo of the name tags that everyone seems to be wearing? THANKS

Swanky posted on Sun, Oct 3, 2004 1:05 PM

Here are few of my pictures. I took very few because I was relying on everyone else to take pictures and video. Please burn me a CD of your pictures and mail it to me. Video too!

King Kukulele has his first drink at the Mai Kai and he's gone!

A message Kern was sending to Holden.

Our boys from Italy (and CA) on the open water.

Me with Billy Mure.

Someone should have stopped me. But I had a great time Thursday night I am told!

Enjoying the Mystery Drink on Saturday.

Who's up for a make up date? I feel like I didn't get enough out of this Hukilau. I need more. Maybe a weekender with Pablus...

Swank Blather
- Talkin' atcha

[ Edited by: swanky 2006-06-21 11:48 ]


I'm always up for the Mai-Kai as you know! Pick a date, and let's do it ... whether or not my own Cannibal Lounge is completed, we can come back to the house for mai-tai's and music. I'll start squeezing the limes now!


oooo...oooo. Me too!
(raising hand wildly from the back of the class)
Say the word for make up. Waiting with much anticipation. C'mon Florida ohana. You deserve it. :drink:

[ Edited by: I dream of tiki on 2004-10-04 11:12 ]

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