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Hallo-tiki-ween Party

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Hey to my very special tiki ohana,

I was very bummed about not being able to make it to Hukilau this year--but, I am especially thankful that you all had a great time(under the circumstances)and made it back home safe and sound.
Well, it's time now to start preparing for Cousin Dave's infamous "Creepfest 2004." Now, it's your turn to make the road trip over into Phoenix. I know Halloween weekend will be mostly focused on all your little kiddies getting their costumes ready, so I'm looking at Sat. the 23rd, so hopefully you can start planning ahead for that weekend. Of course more details will be forthcoming, but in the meantime if you want my contact info., just PM me and we'll start getting a plan in gear. Hope to see you all here for a frightening good time! Talk to you soon~~Cousin Dave


I'm new to the Valley and needing to make tiki connections. My best friend 'tikivixen' sent me the tikicentral link and urged me to contact you about the Halloween tiki party at cousin Dave's. Would love to come and enjoy. Please help lost tiki soul.

Hey Rikkilin,

Good to finally hear from somebody--I sent you a PM regarding the party.

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