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If you have been to my website (tikifish.com) you will have seen the review for Tiki Tiki Yokohama... I knew there was another Tiki Tiki in Tokyo, and now my brother has found it!

Here's his report:

Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 11:54:02 +0900


I have found the second Tiki Tiki Tokyo. It is not in Shibuya as
previously suspected, but a few blocks from the station in Shinjuku. I
took some pictures with a disposable camera and will get them developed to
CD for your viewing pleasure.

Far and away the highlight was the tropical drinks. The Hummingbird had a
little stuffed bird perched on the drinkfruit; the Royal Hawaiian came in
a frozen, hollowed-out pineapple; the Wonderful Opportunity came in a
coconut-shaped glass with a complimentary lei on the side; and the last,
Loco Punch, was a litchee drink in a groovey moai mug with a happy face on
one side and a grumpy face on the other. Their Tiki Tiki drink is still
the same. Megaunfortunately the drink mugs, birds, swizzle sticks and
waitresses were not for sale. The food was fair, about average for a
theme restaurant in Tokyo but better than I remember from the Yokohama
location, although for some reason the puu puu platter is off the menu!
There's no stage band at this one, although they've got the dancing girls
in grass skirts still -- they just prance around the restaurant instead of
dancing on stage -- and there's a special Luau Party Room for private
engagements. I didn't see a pig roasting pit, though.

The restaurant staff had an interesting composition as well -- with the
Hawaiian dancing girls, Japanese waifresses, and middle eastern bartenders
and maitre-d's.

Here's their homepage!



I have a mug from the tikitiki. Its awesome- never seen another like it.


Yes, I managed to score 2 mugs at the Yokohama location. The mugs are definitely among the most prized in my collection. Not many tikis come with breasts!

Jane baby-
I am most curious to see what these mugs looky like. Any way you can post a pic? or send me one? They sound wacky.

yep, mine has boobs too.

it looks just like the wood tiki on pg 239 of The Good Book.

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