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So, is "open 24 hours" really that weird?

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I was thinking back to another thread where people said they didn't get what it meant, but liked it. I explained the origins of it there, but now I'm wondering... is it weird?


I think it's brilliant - especially being a night owl - it's very comforting!

My cousin M-M over at LottaLiving liked it so much she put it her Message Board :wink:

I like it Hanford!
I have to believe that although we all share a bizarre tiki-fetish, the majority of us are capable of understanding the meaning "Open 24 Hours".

Those of us that are mentally able to 'get' the logo will try to explain it to those very few who are a bit educationally and humorously-challanged.

You do far too much as it is, with far too little appreciation.



Hasn't bothered me. 3 cheers for Hanford.
hip hip
hip hip
hip hip

Just doing my part for the appreciation


Methinks some people are just thinking to much about it to the point of over-analyticalization......Hell, be pround that they are attaching such mystical qualities to your utterings, trying to find the codes and pathway to nirvana in everything you write and say...Someday, they'll be more grafitti on your tombstone than Jim Morrisons if this keeps up! : lol: Grey


I like it! Especially the blinking. It makes me happy and warm inside.

You could also change up the phrase every once ina while for fun - hold a Tiki Central Tagline contest!

But of course open 24 hrs would be the default.

It's Wired not Wierd!! You know, like a sign?? More coffee please..

I don't get anybody who doesn't get it.


I seem to remember that thread of which you speak Hanford, and I think that the "people" who said they liked it but didn't get it might have been joking. Actually I know this for a fact because the "people" was me. The comment was made by me as a joke about the notion that if a person doesn't like something the person doesn't get it. "I think of Tiki Central's motto as 'Open 24 Hours'," I posted, "I like it quite a bit, though I don't understand it." Hilarious. As I recall it led to much chuckling, back slapping, and rounds of drinks bought for and by all. Or something like that.


mabey we should change it to: "Open 25 hours"

Woof said,"I like it quite a bit, though I don't understand it." Hilarious."

Woof, I don't get it. I mean verbal translation into text sometimes causes humor to loose it's comic emphasis, but I don't get this one.


**Poly-Pop ***

Bartender, make mine a glass of WATAHHH!!!!!

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"open 24 hours" is A-Ok to me. I have seen some strange things on the boards of late, but the ole slogan ain't weird. Now I must go back to the chanting, restore the "Tiki Spirit" as I listen to these ole Jimmy Buffett albums that no one will buy off of me.

"It's 2 a.m., do you know where your Tiki is?"


ps Holy Crap! Do I have 200 posts. Note to self: get a life!

the gear [i]is[/] coming soon. I got a bunch of great offers and advice from members here. At this point the the requests (t-shirts, bowling shirts, hawaiian shirts, stickers, swizzle sticks) are all a little fractured.

The t-shirt was the most overwhelming response and it's the one we're working on right now. When it is closer to completion I'll post a pic of it and start to take pre-orders.

I am also working on some various cafe-press shirt designs to sell on Tikiroom.com. Those will be more of an unlimited run thing.


This is better than the Waffle House!!!!!


Yeah I like the slogan alot. I think you are an F**ing genius to come up with that Hanford! I mean it's soooo like subtle and yet NOT ya know what I mean, man? Like classic! fer sure!!

And for those who don't get it... ain't gettin' it! wink-wink :wink:



As a big lover of Waffle House when I make my few trips to the South, not to many things are "better then Waffle House". I'll agree though that "Open 24 Hours" does qualify.


From the South......California, that is.


"open 24 hours" is just fine with me. But what i'm wondering is when we will no longer be in "BETA TEST"?


It's so beyond wierd, it freaks me OUT! Man its wierd! It so wierd, it's Purrrrrfect! :wink:

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On 2002-09-19 17:56, trustar wrote:
"...not too many things are "better than Waffle House".

I will agree with that. My wife and I went to Florida in February, and it was late when we arrived. We spotted a Waffle House sign and saw they were open. Best damn waffle, eggs and bacon I ever had. Also, being a former smoker and living in California, it was a shock to see people smoking INSIDE :o (waitresses and cook included!). And you know what? It just made the atmosphere that much better.

On 2002-09-19 18:58, SullTiki wrote:
"open 24 hours" is just fine with me. But what i'm wondering is when we will no longer be in "BETA TEST"?

You must have it set to one of the other color schemes. it still says beta test in those. if you switch it to the main color scheme you'll get the "OPEN 24 HOURS" thing.



We dont have them waffle houses in Canada, but I did eat at one on my Route 66 trip a few years ago. It was SCARY.

We have something similar (albeit slightly nicer, if one can use that term for a waffle house) callled the Golden Griddle. Of course, it's always referred to as the Golden Gristle.

Dont get me wrong, I love the waffle house! Its the smoke that gets to us also. Me and the wife go there when we dont have the children. Hey there is a good joke here though, What has 6 hooters and 2 teeth? Night shift at Waffle House!

Oh and the crack about there not being much in the south better than the Waffle House....I resemble that remark!!!!

On 2002-09-20 07:46, tikifish wrote:
We dont have them waffle houses in Canada, but I did eat at one on my Route 66 trip a few years ago. It was SCARY.

No no! That's the BEAUTY! Even the font on the dishes is scary; it's drippy like the title for a horror movie.

I have now sadly west moved across the Waffle House line (sort of like the Mason Dixon), and I must find some other place open 24 hours that has consistently cheap - and dare I say - yummy food (GREAT cheese eggs). Bringing it back to the original post, the fact that like TC, it is a friendly place open 24 hours, makes it homey. They HAVE to greet you with a sunny, "Mornin'!" Now if only they said "Aloha!", wouldn't that be nice.

Don't get me started on the juke box. A minimum of 20 songs about Waffle House! Genius! Jim Stacy of Atlanta, the man behind innumerable high concept bands like Labrea Stompers (they sometimes wore Waffle House uniforms), Big Top ("All clown, all rock, all the time"), and Grand Moff Tarkin (yes, all Star Wars themed, down to the costumes, including a Slave Leia go-go dancer), used to say that one of his musical goals in life was to have a record on the Waffle House jukebox. Now there's a man with vision. His truck for the Drive-in event at Hukilau 2002 was decorated with flaming tiki torches, for those of you present, just to bring this back around to tiki.

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