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tiki Tuesdays NYC area

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Looks like a trip to Chans in Rigefield NJ is going down soon... Oct time.

Anyone interested - in the NYC area, I realize with no car its a tough commute but we plan on hitting the NYC places as well as NJ when needed. Like Wallys and then Statan Island and back to NJ for Lees. possible non Tuesdays at Zombie Hut in BK

Also looking for other places in NYC, unknown but good. Its a crew of 8 or so peoples at least for now.


I'm up for hitting a drink in Manhattan. There's also Otto's Shrunken Head. I also like to mention the Lei Bar under Niagara.

I'm always up for tiki in the NYC area. Wally's or Otto's are both good.

Well we hit Chans this past Tuesday - It just happen quickly. So we are thinkin Wallys this Tuesday - planing might be tight since this post is on Sunday eve. Under Niagria - a pour excuse for tiki but something at least. Niagria is a fun place don't get me wrong and I'm sure it will make its way into Tiki tuesdays soon.

So let try for Wallys Tuesday 10.19 and I'll post again asap to confirm or not.
stay tuned..
PS our crew is small but thats how things get started.
Thanks for resonding lets keep it up!

So still trying to figure out Wakiki Wallys for Tuesday - 10.18

stay tuned -
Manic - it looks like after Monday eve at ottos u might be all tiki'd out - but lets see what of the crew are into Tuesday.
happy party Day for Mon.

No Tiki Tuesday 10 - 19
Stay tuned for updates

[ Edited by: sneakyjack on 2004-10-19 15:56 ]

so Obviously this past Tuesday is off and the 10.26 is looking tough BUTT that said we are focusing on Nov. 2 at Waikiki Wallys - So stay tuned for more details.

The more the merrier - Maniac I hope you'll be around so we can say "Hey"

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