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Tiki Sighting on Monsters Inc.

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While watching the Monsters Inc. DVD, on the bonus DVD, Tiki's, a Fez, a hidden Love Lounge in a guys office, including a monkey wearing a red boa! Now that's entertainment! Don't blink or you'll miss it! :sheckymug:

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K, on the 2nd DVD, go thru the Humans only door, then click on the Production Tour, which will take you thru a tour of the Pixars Offices, The Directors office has been made into a Tiki Room, then they take you into a hidden "Love Lounge" Enter man in Fez and Monkey- :tiki:

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It does look like they have a lot of fun at Pixar.

If I’m not mistaken on a previous DVD (Toy Story box set maybe) they also had a tour of Pixar with more footage of the "Tiki office" and the "Being John Malkovich" room.

But elsewhere on the 2nd DVD, In one of the games you have the option of entering different bedrooms. The door for one of the rooms looks to have a bamboo frame. Enter this room for a Polynesian child’s bedroom...where Tikis abound.

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