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Here is a report from a Columbus business journal earlier this week. You may have to register to read the story (registration is free).


Kahiki food in vending machines! The future has arrived.

Good to see that Kahiki is still alive, I got worried when I saw that they'd made a loss in the last quarter.

Does anyone have any information about the new Kahiki restaurant in Columbus? I must shamefully confess I'm skeptical that it will ever happen. The sales dude's usage of soulkilling phrases such as "total upscale potential" in that article made melancholy alarm bells ring in my head.


Yeah, I've been keeping up with their press releases and everything, but there hasn't been any news about the new restaurant since, well, the Kahiki closed its doors. If they did plan to open by "the end of 2002" we'd have heard about it by now, surely?

Ah well, at least I can still get their egg rolls at the local Super K-Mart. They're good!

more non-restaurant news about kahiki but it might give folks an idea about where kahiki seems to be heading.



question: does anybody out there have stock in kahiki?

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Here's the current situation (according to my Columbusite father). As discussed on the boards, kahiki had previously announced a plan to open a new restaurant on the waterfront in downtown Columbus. But the downtown waterfront development is not a sure thing by a long shot yet. Columbus is trying to repeat the recent urban develoment success of many other cities by redeveloping the downtown area (in this case, on the Sciota River). They plan to build upscale apartments, restaurants, clubs, bars, etc. The problem is that the city's government is having trouble finding developers interested in building apartments because the cost will be too high. They are currently considering subsidizing the apartments. (Don't you love that -- subsidized upscale housing. Jeez). Until then, the project is moving at a slow pace. There is still a possibility that the entertainment area will go ahead without apartment buildings, but that remains to be seen.
I'll try to keep on top of this.

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