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North Carolona tiki Bar opening

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there is a N.C bar opening called Tiki Bob's
It sounds like Tiki but I will Check it out


I don't think you should waste your time if its the same Tiki Bob's that recently opened in Baltimore - I of course would never set foot in the place but have been told by "tiki outsiders" that I wouldn't like it...no tikis to be found just a beach themed meat market with loud dance music...


I'm betting this is the same Tiki Bob's that's got locations in Tucson, Philadephia, Seattle, Richomond, etc. It's more of a Frat-boy type, beer drinking atmosphere and not really tiki at all. Well maybe, cartoonish tiki - if that makes sense!

thanks for the tip I still will check it out though I live in a very anti-tiki envirioment I went to a bar orderd a mai-tai and they said they couldn't make it beccause they didn't have any Peach schanaps ! I dont know about you guys but my mai-tais NEVER CONTAIN PEACH SHANAPS!

SORRY :drink:


I feel the same way you do :wink:

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