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Hawaiian Dick: Five Page Preview Online

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Hey, cats and kittens!

There's a five page preview of my upcoming comic book, HAWAIIAN DICK at:


Just head down to the bottom of the page and click on the swank cover. (There's more Dick stuff up, as well, as you'll see)

Supernatural crime noir set in 1950s Hawaii, I think this one should appeal to everyone who swings around this board.

B. Clay Moore

[ Edited by: Hawaiian Dick on 2002-09-26 13:17 ]


So what is your roll in the comic? Story? Artist? Tracer?

I know some "tracers" who would love that comment. :)

I'm the writer, and the artist (and inker/colorist/letterer) is Steven Griffin, of Perth, Australia.

The book debuts in December, by the way.

-B. Clay Moore

Loved the interiors of his apartment, especially the kidney shaped furniture and the giant Marilyn pin-up (did they ever get reproduced that big?). Made me want to sit on his balcony and watch those waves...sigh...

Looking very forward to getting this comic!
I've already talked to my comic book store to make sure I'm on their list!

But, why can I only get strips #1 & #2 (and not neccessarily in that order?)
I'm disappointed that I did not get the apartment interior view.

Guess I'll be waiting until December!

For a view of the interior of Byrd's pad, head to the Hawaiian Dick website:


...and go to the "Preview Art" section. The first five pages of the first issue are up, and the interior appears there!

Poke around a little, you might have fun.

Thanks for the interest, guys. We appreciate it enormously.

-B. Clay Moore


Hats off this look like a great book, kinda of a sincity feel. I cant wait till it comes out.

The complete collection of Hawaiian Dick preview strips can be accessed here:


Drop on by and check 'em out!


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