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Moai, Benidorm, Spain (bar)

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Street:Valido Solo Barra

Benidorm's second Tiki bar is (was?) located close to the large Levante Beach, and rumours are that it's no longer open.

Less of a Tiki bar, and more of a bar with a few Moai's dotted about, it's demise wouldn't cause much gnashing of teeth. A few interesting Tiki bowls were used to hold cocktail sticks and the like, but Tiki mugs were't in general use.

The giant moai near the toilets was badly rendered and in need of a new coat of paint and the bar was full of columns that might possibly have been moai, but looked more like knee joints.

Not the best Tiki bar in Spain.

Trader Woody

Some photos:

The bar. (They had a couple of bottles of Moai Pisco lit up at the back)

The big moai near the toilets

Their card

Trader Woody

Well, the good news as of November 2004 is that this bar still exists, but the bad news is that it's lost even more of its Tiki. Both the Moai's above no longer exist, with the large one near the toilets being plastered smooth.

These are a couple of current pic's.

This 'Moai' looks suspiciously like a knee-joint. There seemed to be ribs in the ceiling of a hallway leading to the toilets, which leads me to believe that it was originally built around some sort of skeletal theme (dinosaurs?) and then converted to a Moai theme later on.

Mug/Straw holder

Trader Woody

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