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Venus, Las Vegas, NV (bar)

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Makai posted on Sat, Nov 13, 2004 5:10 PM

Name:Venus, Las Vegas
Street:The Venetian Resort
City:Las Vegas

This is to notify all that the Venus Night club and Tiki Bar, which opened about 3 years ago in the Venetian Resort on the Las Vegas Strip closed as of November 7, 2004.

[ Edited by: danno on 2004-11-13 17:12 ]

Makai posted on Sat, Nov 13, 2004 5:16 PM

If anyone had tried Venus, this closing is not a great loss to the tiki bars remaining across the country. While the bar itself was nicely done, this was trying to be a mega-lounge, and had hip hop blaring so loud the one time I visited I could hardly wait to leave. Outside of the bar, the rest of this "tiki lounge" as it billed itself, looked more like a poorly furnished disco (they would have said it was "retro"). For the true tiki bars in left, this did the name a disservice, and I am pleased to report on its closure. Now, what Las Vegas really needs is a well done tiki bar - the closest we have is Margaritaville.

Aloha, Danno, and welcome!

Not so fast. First and foremost, Taboo Cove is not closed, nor is it going to be remodeled. Only Venus is, according to 2 different resort concierges.

The issue of whether Taboo Cove is a sufficiently tiki tiki bar has been subject to extensive discussion, although your evaluation is inherently valid.

I, for one, fall into the category that any tiki bar is a good tiki bar.

I hold this to be true after seeing my favorite tiki bar, Tahiti/the Tiki Lounge - which had a fireplace to rival Kahiki meet the wrecking ball after a few years.

There have been numerous others which have closed, Kahiki, for example, or other tiki establishments which have been severely de-tikified, such as Hanalei in San Diego, which serve as a reminder of the tenuousness of the continued existence of tiki.

Also, let's remember that if the owner invests tall coin, the owner may want to attract a mass market and we should support anyone's investment in tiki.

More on this issue: http://www.tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=487&forum=1&vpost=107027

Pheeew, what a relief! That was Bosko's baby, though turned more into a bastard, yet still a fine effort worthy to live on, maybe to be revived properly some day. We had high hopes for it once. Bosko stocked the back bar with choice vintage mugs, and had Tony Ramos come out to train the bartenders to make the drinks for a specially composed menu!
But ignorance and bad location soon did away with that, which lead to elaborate philosophizing and mourning on Tiki Central.

We are talking about the Taboo Cove here, which has (had?) a seperate entrance, to the right of Venus, and was connected with Venus through a hallway (painted with a huge mural by Shag). Looks like Danno never looked to the right...

indeed. I was by there last night - and the club was wide open and the interior was intact.

I have posted my positive remarks about this place in other posts. I'm visiting Vegas this weekend. Maybe I'll stop by...

My pal was just in Vegas and he checked out the Venus on my behalf. He said that the Bartender made a comment to the effect that the Shag mural was gonna come down during renovations. The Bartender then said he was gonna offer $1000 to his bosses to see if he could get the mural for himself, since it was gonna just get torn down anyway...
Yes, this is all just hearsay. And I don't wanna alarm anyone. But that would be a shame if it were true, wouldn't it?

I was just there on the 13 nov and yes the night club was closed for renos , the tabo cove was open , it did look as if things were missing . The bar staff didnt seem to interested in serving us or let alone talking about the bar itself.


This month's Las Vegas Advisor newsletter also mentions that Taboo Cove is still open.


Whew! I was getting ready to drive to the airport and catch the first flight available to LV to block the entrance to anyone doing destruction to Tabu Cove. NO NO NO!!

We are going there in a few weeks and the Cove is our main hang out.


As of April 2005, Taboo Cove appears to be deceased and slated to reopen as "Vivid." No tiki artifacts appear to remain.

Photo available here:
http://flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/11193089/

[ Edited by: rupe33 on 2005-04-28 12:02 ]

Oh my god. what a travesty! I'm glad I got there when I did in Sept. 2004.

my understanding at the time when I talked to a couple of the servers there was that Venus was closing but not taboo cove, but I guess that's not the case.

It drives me crazy when the people that work in these places have no appreciation for their surroundings and all the great Bosko and vintage stuff around them. The bar staff at taboo cove were literally giving away massive volcano bowls, not knowing what they had. And even all of the massive sputnik light fixtures from Venus were just being dumped. (but such is vegas, tear it all down and begin fresh...) If i only could have rescued all those beautiful things myself! One of the bar staff was taking most things home himself claiming that once the place was closed down, his home would literally be "the only tiki bar in Vegas".

sigh :(

Mahalo fo the excellent photos, Jadeblade. Nice entrance into TC.

Snif, snif...

I went to the late, lamented Taboo Cove at least ten times during the three or four years it was open, during frequent trips from L.A. to Vegas. I saw the end coming. Okay, whoever that bartender was who grabbed all the tiki stuff out of the dumpster: what's your address, I'm on my way over to your private tiki bar. Get out the Lemon Hart and the Mount Gay, kid.

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