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A great time with BigBro

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Because I was getting ready to head to the islands (another topic), I never got a chance to report on Sven's visit to Portland...

A good time was had by all, and I think Sven came away with some good shots of Alibi. The folks there were very friendly and helpful (though they didn't give us any free drinks), and we learned some interesting things about the place, like the fact that the neon torches over the sign used to sport REAL flames! They had a box of old menus there (their own and competitors), including an old Trader Vic's Portland menu that I woulda swiped if I weren't such a nice guy. I'd have given a toe for that menu!

We had some fun at Jasmine Tree as well, with Frenchy joining us (and an envious Mig via cellphone), then Sven gave his famous Marquesan slideshow in my very own Castaway Cove. Wish more of you could have been there. Sven, thanks for including me and letting me be a part of your newest work!

Yes - a good time was had by all! Thanks for inviting me along, M - you and Maggie are the official Grand Portland tiki ambassadors in my book. You bear the (tiki) torch well.:wink: Thanks to Sven for the wonderful information and inspiration, too! I'm not letting you forget about a Space Room visit, either... Visit again soon! Cheers!

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