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I was out surfing at San-O today and noticed that one of the tikis are missing. My buddy and I always park right by the two tikis that are in the middle of the road in front of Old Man's and the blue one is gone.

For anyone that doesn't know about San Onofre, it's a surf spot in San Clemente that has a huge history dating back to the dawn of California surfing in the 1930's. The book, Surfing San Onofre to Point Dume, illustrates the interest in Hawiian culture that was present in that area by the surfers. It also shows luaos that took place there and uke jam sessions that they had by campfire.

I'm not sure what the story is about them but there used to be three tikis there. My deductive reasoning says that by their weathered condition, they've been around for a while. Two of the tikis were in the median of the dirt road and one is in the bushes by the hidden shower in front of a surf spot called Old Man's.

If anyone has any idea what happened to the blue tiki or what the true story is about these guys, please post it.

What is with the tikis being stolen around south Orange County? The Royal Hawiian in Laguna has practically been raped of its tikis.

Lastly, if someone can inform me on how to post pics on this forum, I can put up pics of the San-O tikis (Before the one was stolen). And, if anyone on this board surfs San-O, keep an eye out for a silver Dodge Ram and come by and say hi.


You can't post pics on TC. What you're seeing is a BB Code link to a picture posted somewhere on the web. Stay with me, believe me if I can do it, you can train a monkey to do it.

Step one. Go to Shutterfly.com. This is a free service. They are a good online photo service. One of our Moderators, Mig, works there. It is easy to download photos. here's how

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Step three. posting

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[ Edited by: alnshely on 2002-11-09 22:18 ]

I don't have any monkeys to train so I guess I'll have to do this myself. If this works, the first pic is of the hidden tiki,
the next one is the same tiki showing how hidden he is. After that are the blue and the brown tikis.


Please click on view pictures once you get to the linked page.

Thanks for the help Alnshely

[ Edited by: Luckydesigns on 2002-09-27 11:30 ]

Hit the edit button of this post to see how I did this. Really it is easy.

Very cool! Check out page two of the Kauai tiki report, I hooked it up.
Thanks again.

We're getting off track here. Does anyone know what happened to that blue tiki?


In the '50s, it wasn't uncommon for Malibu Surfers to steal Tikis and other mascot ephemera from San-O Surfers and vise-a-versa. The rivalry still continues to this day, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Tiki was stolen. Ha! Ha! Malibu! Stoked!

As they used to say on '60s Beach Party variety show, "Malibu U.":"At old M.U. you can earn a degree, in riding surfboards/Bikini bunnies and honeys you'll see, when you study Sun-manship, study Fun-manship.... Malibu-ooo-ooo-ooo!"


Do you always surf Old Mans? I'm a trail 6'er. If you're ever down by trail 6 look for the white chevy truck with license plate "HB KOOK".

Well Bong,

I like the idea of driving right up to beach and not dealing with a crazy hike to go surf. The paddle out is long enough for me.

A guy I surf with though swears by Trail 7, so maybe one day I'll try it out and see you out there. I haven't seen your truck before but I don't think I'll miss HB KOOK if I see it. That's hilarious.

The thing about Malibu stealing tikis is interesting but for some reason I feel like it was a senseless act of vandalism. Who knows though, it could have been Malibu.... I'm gonna get to the bottom of this.....


No, you are absolutely right... it was a sensleess act of vandalism, no doubt. I was just joking about the Malibu Surfers stealing it. I enjoy the old rivalry and revel in the history of how it came about. Plus, being in Los Angeles County, I gotta take Malibu over you guys down in OC. Sorry. Can we still be friends?

Hey Ho! Let's Go!


Well I reckon we got ourselves a feud.

Is there still a Malibu surfing club? Because I know that there is a San-O one. I could understand that kind of rivalry then. Now, can we have our tiki back?

[ Edited by: Luckydesigns on 2002-09-30 11:34 ]


The State of California and The San Onofre Surf Club have a rather unique relationship regarding Old Man's.

The club ran the Old Man's site since inception 50 years ago. The State took over that beach area sometime in the 70's.

The club builds structures there such as the surf hut, the wind monitor with the surf board on it, and the board wash off areas by the bamboo.

There have been times when the State forces the Club to remove or modify these structures if they appear to pose a hazard.

I wonder if the State took down one of the tikis as they were in pretty dire condition.


Hey that buddy you're talking about is me! And that silver Dodge Ram is MINE. HAHA. Why don't you ever drive anyway? We need to start a Tiki Surf Contest. Any ideas anyone?

Just back from a week surfing in North County and San Clemente... great weather and great waves.
Visited and enjoyed the tiki at Sano the three days we surfed there...


I love Old Man's- my favorite place to surf when I'm in CA.

That and Cotton's Point


I would like to resurrect the question if anybody has pictures of the tikis that used to be along the dirt road fronting Old Mans at San Onofre! I remember as a kid seeing them there and i think as a teenager they were still there but in my 20s i think they might have vanished. My tiki time line is not exact but i do know they cease to exist. Seeing those again would bring back some great memories of epic beach parties, great surf, lay back people and classic Southern California summers.


I have great memories of San Onfre beach and campgrounds.
The first Tiki hut I ever saw was at Old Man's.
San Clemente campgrounds was great too.

Wow, did I really get this post going back in '02??
What year is it, anyway?

....the tikis are there now.... It's just super overgrown... It was, the last time I was there, anyway.

On 2009-02-09 08:22, Luckydesigns wrote:
Wow, did I really get this post going back in '02??
What year is it, anyway?

....the tikis are there now.... It's just super overgrown... It was, the last time I was there, anyway.

Sounds like next time i go im gonna have to bring a machete!

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