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Die Cocktail Lounge Des Trader Vic's - Munchen

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...was in Munich last weekend for Oktoberfest...boy do those Bavarians know how to brew beer (& how to drink it!...& how to celebrate the fact that they know how to brew & drink beer so adeptly!).

Anyway, a blast was definitely had!

Emi & I also got to see the dark, lovely, cavernous, nook-&-cranny-ish, Trader Vic's in Munich too! We went there twice...once right before they opened - the manager (?) allowed us to snoop around & Emi to take some excellent pics - & then much later w/ two Bavarian friends after Oktoberfest drinking activities.

Trader Vic's is in the basement (much like the London Vic's) of the Bayerischer Hof Hotel, which appeared to be a very swank place - limos out front, etc.

Compared to the couple of other Trader Vic's to which I've been, this one rocked: more nooks, more GIGANTIC tikis, more mood-enhancing green lights, more tropical plants.

This Trader Vic's was much more menehune-themed than the other TV's that I've visited, as well as much more reliant upon Asian/Pacific Rim decor. Dunno why.

The bar & restaurant sections were both quite crowded when we arrived that night (er...morning) w/ our friends...& folks, if you've never seen a brawny man in leiderhosen drinkin' a heavily garnished cocktail from, say, a tiki bowl, well then you ain't seen nuthin'!

We sat in the Menehunes Bar - a little sidebar near the entrance of the restaurant. It was very cozy in there &, prompting Emi remark (& us to agree): "I feel like I'm in a little shack at the beach."

Here's great site w/ plenty o' more pics from Munich's Trader Vic's:


Ein Prosit,
Tiki Chris

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That's great Chris! I'm judt in the middle of formatting my Trader Vic's TOkyo pics - Maybe We could get a forum going of ALL trader vics interior pics! Or maybe even all tiki bar interior pics!

Or would such extensive cataloging ruin the mystery? I we all knew in detail what the inside of every tiki bar looked like, would we still travel so many miles to go?

Oh, the dilemma!

Great pics, Chris!

By the way, is it just the lighting or do all the Munich Tikis have huge schlongs?
What a diet of beer & bratwurst can do to a chap....

Trader Woody

I wish I could have gone to Munich
Oh well maybe next year


Thanks! Looking forward to the Tokyo pics. Japan is a dream destination for me. About once a week, I read in the paper or see on TV something really off-the-wall happening in Japan & think, 'Man! I gotta get over there soon!'

My brother goes over there for work somewhat regularly, one of my best friends lives there & one of my wife's best friends just moved back to the States from there. Still, It's gonna be awhile before I make it over. So, long story short, your pics from Japan are greatly anticipated!

And I'm all for more Trader Vic's & tiki bar interior pics. Do we need a whole new forum? I dunno.


Yep, those are incredibly long schlongs (I was wondering why the whole night at Vic's I was feeling so inadequate...oh well). However, I don't think there's much credence to the beer and bratwurst theory (all they did was make my tummy bigger). Besides, size really doesn't matter (& could there be a thing as "too big"?) b/c every time I saw these guys they were just standing at a doorway or in a dark corner by all by themselves. Total wallflowers! No social skills at all!

It's not the size of the ship - it's the motion of the ocean!


Well, if you do plan on going, Oktoberfest seems like a good time. Christmas is supposed to be really nice (but bitter cold) too.

Tiki Chris

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Zeta posted on Tue, Jul 13, 2010 6:16 PM

Great Prose Tiki Chris! A true tiki chronicle. A tip of the sombrero!

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