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Cherry Capri on Tv

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Hey, I was just lounging around watching the tube and I see Cherry Capri on CBS ch. 2 news. She was cruising around the SF valley in a convert, showing some of the neon signs of LA. You go girl. Oh yeah and your "cousin" too.

hi chikitiki!

my 'cousin' tells me you were a perfectly charming gentleman at the tiki bash - gotta get her signed up on tiki central - maybe tonight?
I do believe you have sparked a new idea - to have tiki centralites sign up to participate in a Guiness World's Record largest mai tai or scorpion bowl. Maybe at the next oasis?

darn it all - i missed the piece, but thanks to you reminding me - i am gonna call the station and try and get a copy.

Three cheers for neon signage... Anyone ever seen any neon tikis?


Up to about ten years ago there was a bar in San Leandro, CA called the Sneaky Tiki. They had a great neon tiki up on the tall sign post out front. My boss used to go there in the eighties when it was an extremely tough biker bar where all the patrons packed weapons!!!

That Cherry...
she forgot to mention - that was Futura Girl in the CBS piece...

Oh Cherry, If I don't sell the huge tiki mug by then, I say let's do it. As soon as I get 100% moved I will start on another oversized drink vessel. I am going to do some serious carving so that I have some one-of-a-kind tikis for my site.

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