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MaiTiki, Orlando, FL (restaurant)

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Street:8350 International Drive
Phone:407 352-1811

This is a Chinese Restaurant attached to a Kobe Japanese Steak House. According to the manager it has been in operation for at least 20 years. It is easy to overlook because it is located in a strip center. Although the name MaiTiki is listed on the marquee sign out by the street and there is a neon sign above the doorway, it is not listed in the phone book.
The reason I am listing the Mai-Tiki is because the interior is decorated tiki-style with bamboo and thatching, plus there are Polynesian weapons, Maori masks, a dragon mask, puffer fish lamps, shell and tapa cloth lamps and an outrigger canoe suspended from the ceiling. There are two tikis on either side of the entrance. They are the fiberglass ones that Sven frowns upon as tiki de-evolutionary, however. Wayne Trevassos from the Hawaiian Inn said the owner used to have a hula show on weekends managed by the son of the guy who did the show at Sea World. Wayne knew the guys name, but I don't remember it. The food is great and the portions are huge, but the drink menu is full of their own unique and suspect creations. I asked for a Mai-Tai even though it wasn't on the menu. They said it would be no problem to make one, but I almost spewed it across the room. Terrible... The MaiTiki is worth a look if you are in the area and want some good Chinese in a tiki atmosphere. Don't go for the drinking. Neptune Tiki discovered the MaiTiki when he was visiting from Jacksonville. I told him I would post it for him after I visited. Thanks for the tip Neptune.
The only question I have is whether Wayne Coombs knows about it. He gets pretty torqued when people infringe his brand. On the other hand, he took us to a liitle tiki bar he built for some guy at the far end of the Cocoa Beach pier that is called the Mai-Tiki bar. He gets a royalty for the use of the name and the seat of honor when he wants to hang out there. Maybe he has a similar deal with this guy. Oh well, that belongs in another post.....

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