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Does anyone know where a good place
for sixties-style tiki paintings and sculpture on this web site?
(I've been painting for thirty years but just
found this site today.)
*Holden gave a swank tiki party at TIKI
FARM in San Clemente this weekend.
several hundred got invites.
great artists were there..SHAG,Jimmy C,
PIZZUTI, Bosco, Big Al, DREW..
Friends gave a warm acceptance to
the new art presented in the Gallery before the party and encouraged me to
sell some of my art on the tiki sites.

Horizon Mombo,

So, were there a lot of people at this party thing that this Holden guy put on?

Tiki Bong
There were about 350 denizens of orange county, from (long beach to oceanside.) at this tiki fest. (MaiTais were 5.00)
I made a miniture Easter Island display(12' long)
with two 7.5' Aku-Moai standing watch.
(I would love to post pictures of the Aku,
but I'm not sure where to place them.) maybe someone knows how to post pictures of Art.


so your the guy who made that, it was nice, got a good pic of my wife in front of it (i'll post once the film comes back).please post some of your work up,im sure alot of ppl would be intrested in seeing it.

So, were there a lot of people at this party thing that this Holden guy put on?
ahh sarcasm.... me like

[ Edited by: hula hula on 2002-09-30 20:20 ]

Hey Guys,
How do you get photo attachments into the posts?
-Thanks, Mombo

Alnshely just made a post about how to place pictures on this forum. You can read how to do it at my 'San Onofre Tikis' post. Good luck.

Hey there Mombo. I don't think Bosko was there. Maybe you were trying out Squid's "water pipe".

No, Mombo does'nt like water pipes
or calamari.
Although Bosco was absent, his art was not.

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