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biggest tiki known to man

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what's the world's biggest tiki?

how big is it?

where is it?

how old is it?

who made it?

do you have any pics of it?

thejab posted on Wed, Oct 2, 2002 2:48 PM

That would be the well-endowed tiki in mrsmiley's bar.

There's that moai on Easter Island that never got off the quarry floor, which is pretty fuggin' massive. (And old). The ones they made for that Rapa Nui flick must have been huge too.

There must be a bigger one somewhere in Texas, tho'.

Trader Woody


And thejab knows ALL about mrsmiley's tiki, right? heh heh. I will attempt to provide an amusing illustration for y'all:

If the above technique for posting photos on TC doesn't work, click on or cut and paste into your browser's address box the link part below (just worked for me):



there's this guy in the oceanic arts catalogue:

anybody know anything about this one?


Hmm.... there's the Kahiki fireplace (BOT page 145) assuming it still exists somewhere.... and how about the 20 foot tall Tiki by Oceanic Arts that went to Tahiti (BOT page 245)... oh... there's the one from 'The Tikis' listed as the biggest Tiki anywhere! (BOT page 111)


Well, I'm not usually one to dispute 'The Book's findings, but the biggest really has to be the one on Easter Island.

"One of these colossi is sixty feet long and occupies the whole length of one ridge of the mountain" - 'Easter Island' by Alfred Metraux. That roughly equates to six stories high!

Trader Woody

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